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As we move towards retirement, many of us look forward to having more time to devote to the hobbies and activities we love, whether it?s longer days on the links or puttering in the garden. Staying active doing what we love is of course important and something we all should strive for. But experts on […]

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?Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.? ? Hippocrates For advice written thousands of years ago, Hippocrates? words pose an uncanny connection to today?s heightened awareness around the therapeutic and preventive power of the foods we eat. When it comes to heart and brain health, doctors today see this role as connected […]

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50 million people around the world suffer from some sort of dementia, its most common causes being Alzheimer?s disease and vascular abnormalities. Testing to determine dementia?s specific origins involves a sophisticated process of elimination; there is no single assessment tool to unlock the mystery. Everything from diabetes to heart disease to kidney issues to vitamin deficiency […]

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No matter how healthy and fit we are as we age or whether we live at home or in a senior living community, once we pass 65 we are unfortunately at greater risk of falling. The CDC estimates that risk at 25%; if we do actually take a tumble, the risk of a second spill […]

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Recent news from the CDC paints an encouraging picture of American life expectancy, with more of us than ever living longer, healthier lives. And yet greater life expectancy can still carry a higher risk for chronic health problems like heart disease and diabetes that require sufficient monitoring and treatment, whether you enjoy the safety net […]

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It can be challenging to make new friends in life?s later stages. The pipeline of connections often dwindles, with friends and family moving away or passing on, and natural workplace camaraderie replaced by the more solitary pace of retirement. In fact, our senior years can be among the loneliest, even posing significant health risks for […]

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Is your elderly parent struggling to manage prescription medications? If so, you?re not alone. A staggering 83% of adults  over the age of 65 are taking at least one medication, with as many as half of all seniors taking 5 or more medications at one time. Staying on top of that kind of regimen would […]

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Alzheimer?s disease continues to threaten our elder population, affecting almost 6M seniors in the US. With someone in this country diagnosed every 65 seconds, chances are you know a friend or neighbor caring for an affected family member. It can be heartbreaking and even paralyzing to watch people you care about struggle with the effects […]

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Any kind of change can be challenging, particularly when it involves our living situation. The prospect of leaving the comfort zone of a family home, no matter how necessary it might be, usually involves some measure of anxiety ? especially when moving to memory care facilities. Even seniors who have chosen a senior community and […]

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The decision many seniors face to age in place versus move to senior living isn?t just an emotional or a lifestyle one; often there are financial considerations too, which can pose unique challenges. Getting the help you need as you age can boil down to the simple question: how much does assisted living cost? Assessing […]

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