Get set: Your internet bill is about to soar, thanks to Trump's FCC
by David Lazarus
12 Dec 2017 at 7:24pm
Thursday?s the day that the Trump administration will overturn former President Obama?s rules protecting consumers from greedy telecom companies manipulating internet access and pricing.<p>I got a preview of what?s to come over the weekend as my Spectrum internet bill soared by 20% ? and as I ?

'It's the Grandparents Stealing From the Grandchildren'
by Eric B. Schnurer
12 Dec 2017 at 7:21pm
There?s a fiction at the heart of the debate over entitlements: The carefully cultivated impression that beneficiaries are simply receiving back their ?own? money.<p>One day in 1984, Kurt Vonnegut called.<p>I was ditching my law school classes to work on the presidential campaign of Walter Mondale, the ?

3 reasons to file for Social Security on time
by Selena Maranjian, The Motley Fool
12 Dec 2017 at 7:17pm
A key decision that most American retirees need to make is when to start collecting Social Security benefits. You can begin receiving this income as early as age 62 and as late as age 70, and most people commonly take their benefits earlier rather than later.<p>But what should <i>you</i> do? What's the best ?

The yield curve is telling investors to be careful
by Aubrey Basdeo, The BlackRock Blog
10 Dec 2017 at 11:28pm
? <b>The flattening yield curve may not be signaling an economic downturn, as it has in the past.</b>? <b><br>Investors should still tread carefully, in case it does end up portending a downturn in the future.</b><p>What does a flattening yield curve mean these days? Perhaps not what it used to.<p>No doubt, the slope of the ?

Nuclear destruction 'one impulsive tantrum away,' Nobel winners warn
by Philip J. Victor, CNN
10 Dec 2017 at 11:08pm
<b>(CNN) ?</b> The winners of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize have warned countries that possess nuclear weapons to eliminate their "instruments of insanity" or risk mutual destruction.<p>The stark warning came Sunday as this year's peace prize was presented at a ceremony in Oslo, Norway, to the International ?

Taxing the rich to help the poor? Here's what the Bible says
by Mathew Schmalz
10 Dec 2017 at 11:07pm
The new tax reform bill has led to an intense debate over whether it would help or hurt the poor. Tax reform in general raises critical issues about ?

?Very, very scary?: 8.8 million Americans face big tax hike if Republicans sc...
by By Heather Long
10 Dec 2017 at 11:03pm
Anne Hammer is one of millions of elderly Americans who could face a substantial tax hike in 2018 depending on the final negotiations over the <b></b>Republican tax bill.<p>In her retirement community in Chestertown, <b></b>Md., it's the big topic of conversation.<p>Hammer is 71. Like many seniors, her medical bills are ?

How to Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs ? ProPublica
by by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica, and Katie Thomas, The New York Times
10 Dec 2017 at 12:47pm
This article was co-published with The New York Times.<p>If you?re willing to do a little extra work, it is possible to lower your prescription bills.<p>A ?

When Buying Prescription Drugs, Some Pay More With Insurance Than Without It ...
by by Charles Ornstein, ProPublica, and Katie Thomas, The New York Times
10 Dec 2017 at 11:04am
This story was co-published with The New York Times.<p>Having health insurance is supposed to save you money on your prescriptions. But increasingly, ?

3 unexpected retirement costs that can shake up your finances
by Darla Mercado, CNBC
8 Dec 2017 at 11:42pm
Health-care expenses and taxes are throwing off Baby Boomers' spending patterns.<p>These are just two of the living costs that are consuming more of retirees' budgets than they had originally planned, according to a new survey from Capital Group, an investment management firm. The company teamed with ?

Paul Ryan's plans for Medicare are scary
by By Errol Louis, CNN Political Commentator
8 Dec 2017 at 5:39pm
<b>(CNN) ?</b> Confirming the warnings and worst fears of progressives, House Speaker Paul Ryan made it plain this week: the ultimate aim of Republican lawmakers -- and their number one priority in January -- is to shrink the Medicare program that provides health insurance to the elderly and ?

Millions would lose mortgage, gift write-offs under U.S. tax bill: study
by by Kevin Drawbaugh
8 Dec 2017 at 5:32pm
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Millions of households would no longer benefit from federal tax deductions for charity donations, mortgage interest payments and property tax under Republican tax plans being debated in the U.S. Congress, a think tank said on Thursday.<p>The left-leaning Institute on Taxation ?

Trump Nixes Obama Rule to Require Airlines to Disclose Baggage Fees
by Henry Grabar
8 Dec 2017 at 5:10pm
Make America hide baggage fees again!AFP/Getty Images Capping of a frenzied week of populism that began with a $1.5 trillion corporate tax cut, the ?

24 places in the US where retirement savings will last the longest
by Michael Keenan, GOBankingRates
8 Dec 2017 at 11:14am
? <b>The most affordable US cities were ranked by housing, utilities, groceries, and healthcare costs.</b>? <b><br>Many of the cities on the list are located in the Midwest.</b>? <b><br>No cities from California, New York, or New England made the top 24.</b><p>The choice of where you want to spend your retirement years doesn't only ?

A Buddhist teacher on what the living can learn from the dying
by Sean Illing
7 Dec 2017 at 10:52am
?When we come close to the end of our life, what?s really important makes itself known.?<p>We know that we will die, yet we spend much of our lives trying very hard not to think about it. But is it wise to ignore death? Could we live better if we spent more time thinking about our own mortality?<p>Frank ?