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Alternately, weekday meals are available for homebound elders. Please visit the Elder Services of Merrimack Valley web site for information, or call them at 800-892-0890 to inquire about or to make make arrangements for the Meals-on-Wheels or Elder Brown Bag programs.

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Mon to Thur 8:00AM-3:30PM
and Fridays 8:00AM-12:30PM map image

43 Lafayette Rd, Salisbury, MA 01952

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Elder Services of Merrimac Valley, Inc.

Executive Office of Elder Affairs

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Jeanne Geigger Crisis Center

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles

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US Special Committee on Aging

The United States Senate's Special Committee on Aging, currently chaired by Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), was established in 1961 as a temporary committee. It was granted permanent status in February, 1977. While special committees have no legislative authority, they can study issues, conduct oversight of programs, and investigate reports of fraud and waste. Note: Senior victims of fraud can report it to the Fraud Hotline.

The Special Committee on Aging has served as a focal point in the Senate for discussion and debate on matters relating to older Americans, and often submits its findings and recommendations for legislation to the Senate. The Committee additionally publishes materials of assistance to those interested in public policies which relate to the elderly.

For more information, visit the Committee's press releases page. It is a gold mine of legislative issue and hearing information, and resource links, plus: you can sign up for e-News; order publications; view the latest list of issues and press releases; get prescription assistance ... and more!

AgeSpan eNewsletter
AgeSpan Articles
15 Jul 2024 at 9:34am
Choices for Life's Journey

by Susan Geier
15 Jul 2024 at 9:34am

Q.  I come from a large family and have relatives all over the world, including South America and Europe. I have lots of stories about our family and have been […]

The post Ask Joan: Genealogy appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Susan Geier
9 Jul 2024 at 9:27am

Q.  My 70-year-old neighbor recently sold her home because she wanted to move into a smaller apartment in town. When I went to visit her, she gave me a tour […]

The post Ask Joan: Technology & Innovation appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Susan Geier
1 Jul 2024 at 11:59am

Q.  It seems like the costs of everything is increasing these days: food, clothing, transportation and so many other things. It’s difficult to keep my own household finances in place […]

The post Ask Joan: Financial Wellness appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Susan Geier
1 Jul 2024 at 11:52am

Q.  My brothers and I take turns calling and checking on our parents on a daily basis. Our parents are both in their 80s and have some health issues. We […]

The post Ask Joan: Home Care Services appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Susan Geier
17 Jun 2024 at 10:36am

Q.  I’ve lived in Massachusetts my whole life and can’t imagine living anywhere else. I feel a real “sense of community” in my town, where we work together to keep […]

The post Ask Joan: The need for age-friendly communities appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Susan Geier
10 Jun 2024 at 8:45am

Q.  I live a few hours away from my great-aunt, so I don’t see her often. Lately, I have been concerned about her safety and wellbeing. The last time I […]

The post Ask Joan: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15 appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Susan Geier
3 Jun 2024 at 9:52am

Q. My father is 79 and is generally in good health. However, I’ve noticed he is sometimes forgetful and doesn’t always remember where things are around the house. Just last […]

The post Ask Joan: Understanding the warning signs of Alzheimer’s appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Susan Geier
27 May 2024 at 10:17am

Q. I have been recently diagnosed with arthritis. Sometimes it’s hard for me to stand, and my husband is having a harder time helping me around the house. Are there […]

The post Ask Joan: Help with arthritis pain, management is available appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Jane Albert
20 May 2024 at 10:53am

Join others from across the globe for the 13th annual virtual conference: LGBTQ+ Elders in an Ever-Changing World. AgeSpan is hosting this popular event in partnership with Good Shepherd Community […]

The post 13th Annual LGBTQ+ Elders Conference goes global online appeared first on AgeSpan.

by Jane Albert
13 May 2024 at 8:42am

Q. Lately, I have been feeling more and more overwhelmed and anxious, and I’m concerned something more serious might be happening. I am 79 and caring for my husband, who […]

The post Ask Joan: Taking care of our mental health appeared first on AgeSpan.

Medicare Info and News
MP Group
Navigate Medicare Together

Medicare Portal, a leading provider of Medicare solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its new website, This website is designed to help health insurance brokers expand their client services by offering industry-leading Medicare education, enrollment and lifetime support to their clients. “We are thrilled to launch for brokers looking to grow […]

The post Medicare Portal Launches first appeared on MP Group.

The transition to Medicare is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy health care benefits when you are 65 and older, or have a disability or medical conditions that provide you with coverage when you are under the age of 65. To help you learn more about this program and prepare for enrollment, here are five positive […]

The post Five Positive Facts about Original Medicare first appeared on MP Group.

Medicare provides coverage when you’re in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility, but what about when you need health care services while you are at home? There are many instances where Medicare beneficiaries don’t require hospital admittance or were just discharged, but need temporary medical care at home while recovering from an injury or […]

The post Medicare and Home Health Care Coverage first appeared on MP Group.

Getting immunized against serious diseases can reduce your chance of serious illness and helps limit community transmission. But you may be wondering if Medicare covers all the vaccines you need. In fact, “Does Medicare cover the shingles vaccine?” and “Does Medicare cover flu shots?” are two common questions asked by beneficiaries. Let’s explore which immunizations […]

The post What Vaccines and Immunizations Does Medicare Cover? first appeared on MP Group.

Taking your prescribed medications is a crucial aspect of maintaining good health, easing symptoms and treating medical conditions. It’s also important to pay attention to the out-of-pocket costs associated with your medications. To help with budgeting, it’s crucial to understand the four phases of Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, particularly costs associated with the […]

The post How to Reduce Medicare Part D Donut Hole Costs first appeared on MP Group.

At Medicare Portal, we’ve developed free virtual educational webinars for the most requested topics that we receive from beneficiaries, financial advisors, assisted living facilities and human resources. To better assist you in your transition into Medicare, we welcome you to our Original Medicare versus Medicare Advantage webinar: What will you learn at the Original Medicare […]

The post Learn the Fundamentals of Original Medicare vs Medicare Advantage Today! first appeared on MP Group.

Healthy Aging-Senior Planet
Healthy Aging Archives - Senior Planet from AARP
Healthy Aging Archives - Senior Planet from AARP
11 Jul 2024 at 12:23am
Aging With Attitude

by Nancey Walker
11 Jul 2024 at 6:22am

When you want to work out, but your body has other ideas, what do you do? Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete Nancey Walker shares her key to movement and motivation.

The post Nancey, 63 – Pivot to Fitness appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Kathleen Doheny
3 Jul 2024 at 6:10am

Got summer travel plans? Whether it's a short drive or a plane trip to another country, pack these tips to stay safe and healthy. 

The post Traveling? Pack These Healthy Tips appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Kathleen Doheny
5 Jun 2024 at 6:36am

Home tests got new respect during COVID;  there are now many new tests for different conditions.  But there's one important step many seniors miss.

The post Home Health Tests – Beyond COVID appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Jan Haig
9 May 2024 at 6:31am

Covid and back problems halted Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete Jan's fitness habit; indoor spin classes gave her new focus and a new career goal.

The post Jan, 68 – Get on the Beat! appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Nancey Walker
2 May 2024 at 9:33am

Despite a 25-year battle with diabetes, Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete Nancey Walker stays moving, motivated, and stronger than ever.

The post Nancey, 62 – Lift Something to Move Something appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Kathleen Doheny
1 May 2024 at 6:20am

After age 60, fractures could mean hospitalization and a long recovery - so get the scoop on bone health.

The post Bone Up on Bone Health appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Tom Simek
25 Apr 2024 at 6:09am

Meet Tom Simek, who overcame several health challenges to become a 2024 Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete — and a Ninja Warrior.

The post Tom, 71 – Back on Track appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Kathleen Doheny
18 Apr 2024 at 6:00am

Reducing plastic use can safeguard your health as well as help the planet.

The post Plastic: The Hidden Food Additive appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Harold Sanco
10 Apr 2024 at 6:27am

Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete Harold Sanco shares how he bounced back into the fitness lifestyle after emergency back surgeries.

The post Harold, 62 – Call It a Comeback appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

by Kathleen Doheny
3 Apr 2024 at 6:41am

Experts say resistance training should become a vital part of an exercise program for all ages, body sizes and genders.

The post Don’t Resist Resistance Training appeared first on Senior Planet from AARP.

Healthy Recipes - Well Plated
Top Rated Easy, Healthy Dinner Recipes –
Top Rated Easy, Healthy Dinner Recipes –
15 Jul 2024 at 7:43am
Recipes for a Wholesome Life

by Erin Clarke
20 Jul 2024 at 6:02am
Cowboy Chicken

Gather round the chuck wagon, it’s time for hearty, cheesy, and flavorful Cowboy Chicken! Why You’ll Love This Easy Cowboy Chicken Recipe How to Make Cowboy Chicken The Ingredients The Directions What to Serve with Cowboy Chicken Recipe Tips and Tricks

by Erin Clarke
15 Jul 2024 at 6:05am
Caprese Sandwich

Fresh mozzarella and thick, ripe tomato slices are paired with a creamy pesto spread and basil in this summery caprese sandwich recipe.

by Erin Clarke
14 Jul 2024 at 6:03am
Zucchini Lasagna

No noodles needed! This zucchini lasagna has a hearty meat sauce, creamy spinach filling, and plenty of cheese—and it's not watery at all.

by Erin Clarke
13 Jul 2024 at 6:02am
Stuffed Salmon

Easy and healthy stuffed salmon with spinach and cream cheese is the perfect weeknight dinner ready in 30 minutes.

by Erin Clarke
12 Jul 2024 at 6:05am
Zucchini Pie

This easy zucchini pie recipe is a summertime staple! It bakes up golden brown and puffy, with layers of tender zucchini and plenty of cheese.

by Erin Clarke
11 Jul 2024 at 6:03am
Chicken Cacciatore

Want to head to an Italian restaurant (or better yet, an Italian grandma’s kitchen) for dinner tonight? Try this simple Chicken Cacciatore! Tender chicken thighs stewed with vegetables in a robust tomato sauce, this traditional rustic Italian stew is hearty, juicy, and surprisingly easy to make! Why You’ll Love This Traditional Chicken Cacciatore Recipe How…

by Erin Clarke
8 Jul 2024 at 6:03am
Salmon Salad

Use this easy salmon salad recipe as a filling, flavorful and creamy addition to sandwiches, wraps, crackers and more. Perfect for meal prep!

by Erin Clarke
7 Jul 2024 at 6:02am
Zucchini Casserole

This cheesy zucchini casserole recipe has a rich, creamy sauce and an irresistible crispy topping. An easy side dish that serves a crowd!

Healthy Side Dish Recipes
Healthy Side Dish Recipes
19 Jul 2024 at 11:03am
Recipes for a Wholesome Life

by Erin Clarke
19 Jul 2024 at 6:05am
Zucchini Chips

Cheesy, crispy oven-baked zucchini chips are the best way to eat your veggies! They're easy to make and impossible to resist.

by Erin Clarke
12 Jul 2024 at 6:05am
Zucchini Pie

This easy zucchini pie recipe is a summertime staple! It bakes up golden brown and puffy, with layers of tender zucchini and plenty of cheese.

by Erin Clarke
7 Jul 2024 at 6:02am
Zucchini Casserole

This cheesy zucchini casserole recipe has a rich, creamy sauce and an irresistible crispy topping. An easy side dish that serves a crowd!

by Erin Clarke
5 Jul 2024 at 6:05am
Roasted Red Peppers

Homemade roasted red peppers taste so much better than store-bought! Here's how to make them, with easy options for oven and stovetop/grill.

by Erin Clarke
24 Jun 2024 at 6:04am
Broccoli Bacon Salad

Broccoli bacon salad is a classic! With crisp broccoli, smoky bacon, sweet-tart cranberries in a creamy dressing, it's easy and always a hit.

by Erin Clarke
14 Jun 2024 at 6:05am
Crockpot Baked Beans

With the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and tangy, these made-from-scratch crockpot baked beans are always a hit. So easy too!

by Erin Clarke
12 Jun 2024 at 6:05am
Orzo Pasta Salad

This Greek-inspired orzo pasta salad recipe is loaded with Mediterranean flavor thanks to the feta, olives, chickpeas, and basil. Delish!

by Erin Clarke
11 Jun 2024 at 6:02am
Tuna Pasta Salad

If “light,” “bright,” and “I need a second helping, please!” don’t come to mind when you think of canned tuna, it’s because you haven’t made this delightful Tuna Pasta Salad yet. It’s the perfect blend of fresh veggies, tuna, pasta, and a creamy, herby Greek yogurt dressing. Why You’ll Love This Cold Tuna Pasta Salad…

Top Rated Delicious, Healthy Dessert Recipes –
Top Rated Delicious, Healthy Dessert Recipes –
28 Jun 2024 at 6:01am
Recipes for a Wholesome Life

by Erin Clarke
28 Jun 2024 at 6:00am
Strawberry Crumble

This simple strawberry crumble recipe is an easy way to make the most out of summer strawberries. Don't skip the scoop of ice cream on top!

by Erin Clarke
25 Jun 2024 at 6:05am
Cherry Pie Filling

When stone fruit hits its prime, I’m powerless to resist. Every year, in a moment of summer hysteria, I buy an oversized crate of cherries. The first order of business for my sweet surplus: easy homemade Cherry Pie Filling! The Best Homemade Cherry Pie Filling Cherry pie filling is made of simple ingredients that are…

by Erin Clarke
15 Jun 2024 at 6:05am
Peach Crisp

The perfect peach crisp! This easy fresh peach crisp recipe is sweetened with honey and topped with toasty, buttery oats and almonds. Delish!

by Erin Clarke
27 May 2024 at 8:04pm
Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

A moist, tender crumb and deeply dark chocolate flavor make this easy chocolate olive oil cake recipe a standout. Simple and delicious!

by Erin Clarke
23 May 2024 at 4:00pm
Healthy Banana Muffins

Supremely moist, fluffy, and easy, these Healthy Banana Muffins are a true treat! Made in just ONE BOWL.

by Erin Clarke
28 Apr 2024 at 6:05am
Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Mashed ripe bananas mean less sugar in these healthy banana oatmeal cookies. Soft and chewy, they're an easy recipe to eat any time of day!

by Erin Clarke
28 Mar 2024 at 6:05am
Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

This bright, moist lemon poppy seed cake recipe has a lemon soak and a simple lemon glaze for triple the citrus flavor. Easy and delicious!

by Erin Clarke
29 Feb 2024 at 6:03am
General Tso’s Chicken

This easy General Tso's chicken recipe is ready in under 30 minutes! You'll love the spicy, sticky-sweet sauce and crispy chicken. So good!

Serious Eats: Recipes
1 Apr 2021 at 3:45am
Our Favorite Recipes, Curated and Collected

by Kristina Razon
1 Apr 2021 at 3:45am

Almond-studded choux pastry and rich, nutty praline crème mousseline join forces in this impressive French dessert. Get Recipe!

by Andrew Janjigian
31 Mar 2021 at 9:00am

This eggy, aromatic, and plush Armenian bread is traditionally made to celebrate Easter, but it’s delicious enough to enjoy any time of year. Get Recipe!

by Sunny Lee
23 Mar 2021 at 9:00am

Basque cheesecake boasts a deeply caramelized top and bottom, with a creamy center thanks to a high-temperature bake. No crust required. Get Recipe!

by Sasha Marx
12 Mar 2021 at 2:45am

Cauliflower cooked down into a savory-sweet sauce with Sicilian staples: anchovies, pine nuts, raisins, saffron, and toasted breadcrumbs. Get Recipe!

by Katie Leaird
11 Mar 2021 at 2:45am

This pasta bursting with clams, mussels, shrimp, squid, and fresh tomato is a coastal Italian classic. Get Recipe!

by Katie Leaird
10 Mar 2021 at 8:00am

Eggs and cheese come together to form this silky, meatless Neapolitan sauce. Get Recipe!

by Sasha Marx
10 Mar 2021 at 2:45am

A shortcut homemade pork sausage is the key to this creamy, hearty Umbrian pasta. Get Recipe!

by Katie Leaird
9 Mar 2021 at 2:45am

Vegetables are the star of the show in this meatless Tuscan "fake" ragù. Get Recipe!

by Katie Leaird
8 Mar 2021 at 2:45am

Cozy, comforting pasta with ham, cream, and peas. Get Recipe!

by Katie Leaird
5 Mar 2021 at 2:45am

Pasta with brothy chickpeas is Italian comfort food at its best. Get Recipe!

by Daniel Gritzer
4 Mar 2021 at 8:00am

Gnocchi alla bava is true mountain food. Hailing from the Italian Alps, it features tender and lightly sweet potato gnocchi in a rich and creamy Fontina cheese sauce, flavored with little else aside from a touch of black pepper and nutmeg. Get Recipe!

by Sasha Marx
4 Mar 2021 at 2:45am

Onions are the star of the show in this slow-cooked beef ragù from Naples. Get Recipe!

by Nik Sharma
3 Mar 2021 at 8:00am

Sweet and tender roasted beets, carrots, and onions, tossed with a zippy lime dressing and topped with crunchy, golden shallots. Get Recipe!

by Sasha Marx
2 Mar 2021 at 8:00am

A rich, meaty variation on the classic Apulian pasta. Pork sausage, bitter greens, olive oil, garlic, chiles, and al dente orecchiette. Get Recipe!

by Katie Leaird
1 Mar 2021 at 2:45am

Orecchiette with olive oil, garlic, chiles, anchovies, bitter greens, and toasted breadcrumbs. Straight from the heel of Italy. Get Recipe!

New England Patriots
New England Patriots: News, commentary, scores, and stats
18 Jul 2024 at 12:50pm

by Khari Thompson
18 Jul 2024 at 12:48pm

The former Patriots quarterback is not No. 1, but he's in very exclusive company at the top of this list.

The post ESPN ranks Tom Brady as one of the top-five greatest athletes of the 21st century appeared first on

by Khari Thompson
18 Jul 2024 at 11:16am

A big rebuild brings big questions as the Patriots head into their first camp in more than two decades without Bill Belichick.

The post 5 burning questions facing the Patriots as they head into training camp appeared first on

by Hayden Bird
17 Jul 2024 at 1:39pm

"He wants to pursue the all-time wins record."

The post Bill Belichick reportedly remains ‘fully invested’ in desire to be NFL head coach again appeared first on

by Khari Thompson
16 Jul 2024 at 4:46pm

Here are the new hires and promotions on the player personnel side for the Patriots.

The post Patriots announce changes to player personnel staff under Eliot Wolf appeared first on

by Khari Thompson
16 Jul 2024 at 10:40am

Boutte was facing underage gambling and computer fraud charges.

The post Report: Patriots WR Kayshon Boutte’s gambling charges have been dropped appeared first on

by Hayden Bird
16 Jul 2024 at 10:20am

The ovation occurred during Tom Brady's Patriots Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

The post ‘It really felt good’: Randy Moss reflected on receiving emotional standing ovation from Patriots fans appeared first on

by Associated Press
16 Jul 2024 at 8:43am

Twenty teams begin camp this week for their rookies, with the Baltimore Ravens as the first.

The post NFL training camps get underway as rookies start reporting this week appeared first on

by Sanjana Mishra
15 Jul 2024 at 2:32pm

Former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez and former Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis were both featured.

The post 2 New England players made ESPN’s initial list of top athletes of the century appeared first on

by Kaley Brown
14 Jul 2024 at 8:27am

“Before yall get on my [expletive] I didn’t say that. At all don’t let them make me the villain”

The post Matthew Judon refutes report that he won’t ‘play under his current contract’ with Patriots appeared first on

by Conor Ryan
11 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm

“I’ve always appreciated ‘Inside the NFL’s’ depth of analysis, and I hope to bring the same detailed insight to the CW."

The post Bill Belichick to appear on ‘Inside the NFL’ for 2024 season  appeared first on

Red Sox Watch
Red Sox News
20 Jul 2024 at 8:10am
Red Sox News

by Ian Browne
20 Jul 2024 at 2:44am

19 Jul 2024 at 10:00pm

20 Jul 2024 at 12:29am

20 Jul 2024 at 2:46am

by Ian Browne
18 Jul 2024 at 3:37pm

18 Jul 2024 at 1:33pm

by Jake Rill
17 Jul 2024 at 1:10am
27-year-old outfielder slugs Red Sox's first Midsummer Classic jack since 2011

19 Jul 2024 at 2:04pm

4 Mar 2024 at 7:00pm
Who do the Red Sox have in the pipeline? Get scouting reports, video, stats, projected ETAs and more for Boston's Top 30 Prospects.

18 Jul 2024 at 10:02pm

18 Jul 2024 at 6:56pm

17 Jul 2024 at 12:56am

17 Jul 2024 at 12:55pm

17 Jul 2024 at 9:36pm

17 Jul 2024 at 7:30pm

Tech News - Views from WIRED
Feed: All Latest
20 Jul 2024 at 8:09am
Channel Description

by Umair Irfan, Aja Romano
20 Jul 2024 at 8:00am

In so many aspects of our culture, we view severe heat as something that should be willingly embraced, bravely endured, or blithely ignored.

by Brenda Stolyar
20 Jul 2024 at 7:30am

Apple has officially released the public beta for macOS 15 Sequoia. We break down how to install it, all the new features to look forward to, and tell you whether your current Mac will support the new operating system.

by Matt Kamen, WIRED Staff
20 Jul 2024 at 7:00am

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, The Imaginary, and Godzilla Minus One are just a few of the movies you should watch on Netflix this month.

by Bryce Young, Christopher Moran
20 Jul 2024 at 7:00am

Small improvements to the roof, siding, windows, and vents of your house can make a big difference when threatened by the risk of flames.

by Matt Kamen, WIRED Staff
20 Jul 2024 at 7:00am

Star Trek Prodigy, Delicious in Dungeon, and Bridgerton are just a few of the shows you need to watch on Netflix this month.

by Andy Greenberg, Lily Hay Newman
20 Jul 2024 at 6:30am

Plus: The FBI unlocks the Trump shooter’s phone, a security researcher gets legal threats for exposing hackable traffic lights, and more.

by Lily Hay Newman
19 Jul 2024 at 6:19pm

Swindlers are spinning up bogus websites in an attempt to dupe people with “CrowdStrike support” scams following the security firm's catastrophic software update.

by Caroline Haskins
19 Jul 2024 at 5:59pm

The event caused chaos at airports, grocery stores, and Starbucks outlets.

by David Cox
19 Jul 2024 at 5:23pm

Doctors find themselves without critical systems and diagnostic tools—and face the daunting reality that a full recovery could take days—after CrowdStrike’s botched deployment of a software update.

by Aarian Marshall
19 Jul 2024 at 5:08pm

The aviation industry is optimized within an inch of its life. A bad software update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike took down computers running Microsoft Windows—and a cascade of airports with it.

Car Corner
The Car Connection
19 Jul 2024 at 7:00am
Latest news, reviews, and more from around the The Car Connection

by (Andrew Ganz)
19 Jul 2024 at 7:00am
What kind of vehicle is the 2025 Hyundai Elantra? What does it compare to? The 2025 Hyundai Elantra is a compact sedan with sleek styling and little personality, unless you go green with the hybrid or pick the downright sporty N. Is the 2025 Hyundai Elantra a good car? It’s a great overall choice, even if its so-so interior trim holds it...

by (Andrew Ganz)
18 Jul 2024 at 7:00am
What kind of vehicle is the 2025 Hyundai Santa Fe? What does it compare to? The 2025 Santa Fe is a three-row midsize SUV. Compare it to the Kia Sorento, Jeep Grand Cherokee, and Volkswagen Tiguan. Is the 2025 Hyundai Santa Fe a good SUV? The 2025 Santa Fe is a strong overall choice. Look past its styling — which is great — and...

by (Andrew Ganz)
17 Jul 2024 at 11:00am
What kind of vehicle is the 2025 Cadillac Escalade? What does it compare to? The 2025 Cadillac Escalade is a full-size luxury SUV with thunderous power and a high-tech cabin. Shop it against the Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class and, perhaps, the GMC Yukon Denali. Is the 2025 Cadillac Escalade a good car/SUV? It’s a fantastic SUV that...

by (Andrew Ganz)
17 Jul 2024 at 8:00am
What kind of vehicle is the 2025 Honda Civic? What does it compare to? The 2025 Honda Civic is a lineup of compact cars available in hatchback or sedan configurations. It’s versatile and well-equipped, making it a natural competitor to the Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla, and Mazda 3. Is the 2025 Honda Civic a good car? The 2025 Honda Civic...

by (Bengt Halvorson)
17 Jul 2024 at 7:00am
What kind of vehicle is the 2024 Tesla Model X? What does it compare to? The Model X is an electric crossover SUV that can accommodate up to seven in its three rows of seating, and it leaves a strong first impression from its unique, wide-opening falcon-wing doors. Alternatives include the Audi Q8 E-Tron, Cadillac Lyriq, BMW iX, and Mercedes-Benz...

by (Andrew Ganz)
15 Jul 2024 at 4:41pm
What kind of vehicle is the 2025 Hyundai Palisade? What does it compare to? The 2025 Palisade is a three-row crossover SUV. Compare it to the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, and Kia Telluride. Is the 2025 Hyundai Palisade a good car/SUV? The 2025 Palisade’s basic design has been around for a while, but it’s aging with exceptional...

The Car Connection
19 Jul 2024 at 2:49pm
Latest news, reviews, and more from around the The Car Connection

by (Cherise Threewitt)
19 Jul 2024 at 2:49pm
Here’s the bummer: Your car needs periodic maintenance, which means you have to do more than just fill it up with gas every other day and vacuum it out before a big date. Now, for the good news. The most basic maintenance of all, the oil change, is simple enough for the average car owner to do at home, and we have plenty of oil change tips...

by (Stephen Edelstein)
19 Jul 2024 at 12:35pm
Chrysler issued a recall for about 24,000 Pacifica plug-in hybrid minivans A battery-cell abnormality is the root cause of the issue, which could lead to a fire Until the fix is implemented, which is a software update initially, owners are asked to park outside and not charge their minvians Stellantis on Thursday recalled about 24,000 Chrysler...

by (Viknesh Vijayenthiran)
19 Jul 2024 at 8:00am
The updated 2025 Infiniti QX60 goes on sale in July 2025 Infiniti QX60s swap the V-6 for a turbo-4 The 2025 Infiniti QX60 costs $50,200 The 2025 Infiniti QX60 starts sales this month with an MSRP of $50,200. That makes it $550 more expensive than the previous year, but some changes have been made, which to some buyers, may warrant the increase...

by (Stephen Edelstein)
18 Jul 2024 at 10:55am
Mazda lowered the price of the CX-5 by $685 for 2025 The price changes comes with the return for the base CX-5 S model The 2025 Mazda CX-5 arrives in dealerships later this summer The 2025 Mazda CX-5 compact crossover will have a base price of $29,990 when it reaches U.S. dealerships later this summer, Mazda confirmed Tuesday in a press release...

by (Stephen Edelstein)
18 Jul 2024 at 7:00am
The 2024 VW Tiguan lineup gains a Wolfsburg Edition Wolfsburg Edition Tiguans feature upscale design features on the value-oriented SE trim The 2024 Volkswagen Tiguan Wolfsburg Edition costs $30,995 A redesigned Volkswagen Tiguan crossover arrives for the 2025 model year, but in the meantime VW is adding a Wolfsburg Edition model to the lineup to...

by (Stephen Edelstein)
17 Jul 2024 at 10:47am
Mercedes-Benz and Starbucks on Wednesday announced plans to install EV fast chargers at over 100 of the coffee chain's U.S. locations, starting on the West Coast. The first phase of the project will see Mercedes install 400-kw DC fast chargers at Starbucks stores on the I-5 corridor, which runs between the Canadian and Mexican borders and through...

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Information for SHINE - Fuel Assistance - SNAP Programs

Learn about resources that are available to you locally. COA Outreach Coordinator Audrey Allen can help you learn about available local resources and current happenings in our community.

SNAP (Supplementary Nutrition Assistance Program) can be used to supplement your food budget costs. Money saved through SNAP could be used toward your medical costs. SNAP is income-based, but it is your income after shelter and medical expenses are deducted.

Home heating and energy assistance (a.k.a. Fuel Assistance) season runs from November 1st through April 30th and is available for eligible homeowners and renters, including households whose cost of heat is included in the rent (12 month assistance in that case). It pays directly to your primary heating source vendor, and automatically includes electric and telephone bill discounts if you are eligible, saving you money to use for medical or other expenses.

The SHINE Program (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) provides free health insurance information, counseling and assistance to all Massachusetts residents with Medicare.

Food Shopping with carriages

Joanne's Market Opens - Community Distribution Site

Through the Salisbury Council on Aging's partnership with Our Neighbors Table and Seacoast FP (Food Providers Network), the SCOA has opened a new community market distribution site at the Salisbury Senior Center.

Joanne's Market will operate similar to Our Neighbors Table, offering a wide variety of food items, including for pets via its PAWSitive Pantry, and will be open on Wednedays from 1 pm to 3 pm and on Fridays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm to Salisbury residents.

The pantry, located inside the Salisbury Senior Center, is named in memory of Joanne Skerry who gave so much and made such a positive difference in our senior community.

Please stop in, or call the SCOA @ 978.462.2412 if you need transportation. The Salisbury COA looks forward to serving you!

Our Neighbors' Table Salisbury Market

NEW Our Neighbors' Table Salisbury Market

Beginning Thursday, June 6, the new Salisbury Market at 114 Bridge Road (Route 1) opened to guests. At the same time the Amesbury market will undergo renovations for 6-8 weeks and be unavailable for shopping. By the end of the summer, they will have TWO MARKETS for guests. Other than the location, guests will find the shopping experience in Salisbury very similar to Amesbury - the same hours, same variety of fresh food, available to the same communities.

The Markets at Our Neighbors’ Table are a different kind of grocery store. Each location offers a beautiful, modern market where fresh, healthy food is made available - for free! Each week, you can shop, at no cost, for fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, fish, chicken… and more! Our Neighbors’ Table Markets are open to residents of Amesbury, Boxford, Byfield, Georgetown, Groveland, Merrimac, Newbury, Newburyport, Rowley, Salisbury, South Hampton (NH) and West Newbury. There is no income verification or requirement. If you live in one of the 12 towns in Our Neighbors’ Table's service region and you feel that you need food, then you are welcome to shop.

For more information, hours, and the first-time shopper online registration form, please visit Our Neighbor's Table Market Information page.

two connected telephones

Telephone Reassurance and Friendly Visitor Program

The Salisbury Council on Aging's Telephone Reassurance and Friendly Visitor Program is available for those who don't get out often, are homebound or a bit lonely. The program has a friendly person call or visit several times a month to share conversation, memories and interests. Callers can also make regular phone calls, read, write notes and help with personal correspondence, initiate handcrafts or play games and cards.

The group brings trained volunteers to the homebound elderly and the disabled. Those who are lonely or isolated, as well as those who are sick or frail, but not in need of constant care or medical attention can benefit from socialization and conversation either at home or in a nursing home.

Those interested in the program should call the Salisbury Council on Aging at 978-462-2412.

Current Programs and Weekday Schedule

The SCOA holds various health-related clinics, learning and training classes, craft groups, and activity and game programs. See our newsletter for the current schedule of available activities and their schedules.

Daily Hot Lunch - Served each weekday at 11:20 a.m. at the Hilton Center. The suggested donation is $2 per meal for a person 60 and older. Reservations are a must and should be made two working days in advance. Call 978-462-2412 to register.

Home Delivered Meals - Meals are available for homebound elders. Please call Elder Services of Merrimack Valley at 800-892-0890 extension 490 to make arrangements.

Transportation - The Council on Aging wheelchair accessible van is available to seniors for transport to local appointments. The Van operates Monday, Tuesday from 8:30am to 2:00pm. On Wednesday the Van provides transportation to Market Basket Plaza and Wal-Mart Plaza in Seabrook. Pickup begins @ 9:00am. While not required, the suggested donation for shopping is $5.00 for the roundtrip. Confirm pickup time when you call. Call 978-462-2412 to schedule a ride. Reservations must be scheduled at least two working days in advance.

SHINE - Questions on your health or prescription coverage? Our SHINE counselor holds monthly consults. Please call for a private appointment.

Internet Wi-Fi Access - At the Salisbury Council on Aging Hilton Center wireless internet connection is now available ... bring your own laptop if you don't want to use the computers in the Computer Room! We also have a fax machine and copy machine available.

Birthday Party - The third Thursday of every month we have a birthday party for all seniors whose birthday falls in the month. Everybody is invited to help the birthday seniors enjoy the day. Reservations are required, also please notify if you must cancel.

TRIPS - Salisbury Council on Aging has joined forces with Newburyport, Amesbury and Merrimac COA’s to offer you trips and social outings with local pickups and drop-offs. Call us at 978-462-2412 for more information on any future trips being planned.

Call the Council on Aging for more information about any of these programs, 978-462-2412.

The Salisbury Council on Aging is open
Monday - Thursday from 8:00AM - 3:30PM
Friday 8:00AM - 12:30PM

Social Security Administration Online
Online Services – Social Security Matters
12 Jul 2024 at 12:28pm
The Official Blog of Social Security

12 Jul 2024 at 11:22am
We’re making changes to the way you access Social Security’s online services, including your personal my Social Security account. The changes will simplify your sign-in experience and align with federal authentication standards. At the same time, we’re continuing to provide safe and secure access to our online services. If you created your my Social Security […]

30 May 2024 at 3:30pm
Social Security is here for you when you travel, whether you’re in the United States or in another country. Our online services page provides you with a wide variety of self-service options you can use on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Through our online services, you can:   Find out if you qualify for […]

10 May 2024 at 9:13am
Olivia and Liam are once again America’s most popular baby names, with 2023 being the fifth consecutive year that parents have chosen the monikers for their little ones.  Also, for the fifth consecutive year, Noah took the second slot for boys, and Emma for girls.  Only one new name appeared in the Top 10 lists […]

25 Apr 2024 at 3:04pm
Some people who receive monthly Social Security benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments may need help managing their money. When we receive information that indicates you need help, we’ll work with you to find the most suitable representative payee to manage your benefits. A representative payee is someone who receives your monthly benefit payment […]

22 Apr 2024 at 3:00pm
The first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, to promote the protection of our planet. At Social Security, we’re doing our part by reducing paper usage.   We send notices as a way of communicating with our many customers – the 71 million Americans who receive benefits and the people who do business with […]

21 Mar 2024 at 2:20pm
In 1940, Ida May Fuller, became the first person to receive recurring monthly Social Security benefits. Just a few months prior, the 65-year-old legal secretary had stopped by her local Social Security office in Vermont to learn about how the program worked. She knew she had paid into Social Security but wasn’t sure if she […]

Local Movie Theater Schedules
Vision Max Cinema, 201 Elm Street, Salisbury, MA 01952 Wednesdays are Senior Day - all ticktes $6 for seniors!

    Showtimes Friday July 19

  • Twisters
    (PG-13) - 2hr 2min
    12:00 PM | 2:15 PM | 4:35 PM | 7:00 PM | 9:15 PM
  • Longlegs
    (R) - 1hr 41min
    12:30 PM | 2:45 PM | 4:50 PM | 7:15 PM | 9:25 PM
  • Fly Me to the Moon
    (PG-13) - 2hr 11min
    12:10 PM | 2:50 PM | 6:45 PM | 9:05 PM
  • Despicable Me 4
    (PG) - 1hr 34min
    12:20 PM | 2:30 PM | 4:15 PM | 6:30 PM | 8:30 PM
  • Inside Out 2
    (PG) - 1hr 36min
    11:45 AM | 2:00 PM | 4:00 PM | 6:15 PM | 8:15 PM

    Showtimes Saturday July 20

  • Twisters
    (PG-13) - 2hr 2min
    12:00 PM | 2:15 PM | 4:35 PM | 7:00 PM | 9:15 PM
  • Longlegs
    (R) - 1hr 41min
    12:30 PM | 2:45 PM | 4:50 PM | 7:15 PM | 9:25 PM
  • Fly Me to the Moon
    (PG-13) - 2hr 11min
    12:10 PM | 2:50 PM | 6:45 PM | 9:05 PM
  • Despicable Me 4
    (PG) - 1hr 34min
    12:20 PM | 2:30 PM | 4:15 PM | 6:30 PM | 8:30 PM
  • Inside Out 2
    (PG) - 1hr 36min
    11:45 AM | 2:00 PM | 4:00 PM | 6:15 PM | 8:15 PM

The Screening Room, 82 State St, Newburyport, MA The Screening Room 82 State St Newburyport Touch Thelma Ticket Prices & Info
Salisbury Beach Cams
Town of Salisbury Latest News
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Front Page - RSS Results in news/local_news of type article - RSS Results in section(s) news/local_news only for asset type(s) of article

20 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
LAWRENCE — To the beach, and relief from the unrelenting heat.

20 Jul 2024 at 4:45am
AMESBURY — Ninety-degree weather and a little humidity could not stop kids from showing off their engineering abilities at the Amesbury Public Library Wednesday morning as they looked to see who could build the fastest model boat.

20 Jul 2024 at 4:00am
On Friday, June 28, major newspapers in Europe and elsewhere in the world proclaimed shock and loathing concerning the dismal spectacle of President Joe Biden’s frailty demonstrated during the presidential debate.

20 Jul 2024 at 12:00am
On this day in 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon after reaching the surface in their Apollo lunar module.

19 Jul 2024 at 1:03pm
To the editor:

19 Jul 2024 at 11:00am
NEWBURY — Former Assistant Planning Director Kristen Grubbs was named the town's newest planning director on July 1, town officials announced Friday.

19 Jul 2024 at 9:58am
NEWBURYPORT — Runway for Recovery, a non-profit dedicated to supporting families affected by breast cancer, proudly announces that acclaimed author and breast cancer survivor Elin Hilderbrand will be gracing the runway at their upcoming 18th Annual Runway Show, New England…

19 Jul 2024 at 9:33am
NEWBURYPORT — A faulty computer software update that crippled airlines, businesses, media outlets and government services across the globe beginning Thursday night was felt in the Greater Newburyport area with Anna Jaques Hospital and other Beth Israel Lahey Health facilities…

19 Jul 2024 at 6:00am
These recent sightings are compiled by Sue McGrath of the Newburyport Birders. Report your sightings to Newburyport Birders at or 978-204-2976. Visit

19 Jul 2024 at 5:30am
Editor’s note: This is one in a continuing series of educational columns about fostering environmental stewardship and leadership coordinated by ACES — The Alliance of Climate and Environmental Stewards.

19 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
AMESBURY — Downtown will look like a scene straight from the Smurfs this weekend during the Chamber of Commerce’s fourth annual Fairies, Gnomes & Mystical Homes Contest.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:45am
The hot and humid weather that we experienced during late June, and thus far in July, has mosquitoes and no-see-ums swarming ,and the greenheads are already here in force. While bothersome to us, the insects are welcome food for many… - RSS Results in news/regional_news of type article - RSS Results in section(s) news/regional_news only for asset type(s) of article

20 Jul 2024 at 4:30am
BOSTON — Operations at Vineyard Wind, the first offshore installation to provide clean power to Massachusetts and the region, are suspended after an incident over the weekend spread wind blade debris across Nantucket beaches.

18 Jul 2024 at 6:45am
SALEM, Mass. — A trial for a Haverhill man accused of beating another man to death with a pipe was scheduled Wednesday in superior court for February 2025.

18 Jul 2024 at 4:30am
BOSTON — A state panel is weighing a challenge to a proposal calling for raising wages for tipped workers that could keep the measure off the November ballot.

17 Jul 2024 at 5:33pm
BOSTON — Nearly a month into the fiscal year, legislative leaders say they have reached a tentative agreement on a final state budget.

17 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
BOSTON — State lawmakers are poised to approve a gun control proposal that calls for banning "ghost" guns, updating the state’s "assault" weapons ban and setting new restrictions on the open carry of firearms.

17 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
BOSTON — The state Senate is set to take up a sprawling health care oversight reform bill prompted in part by the financial meltdown of Steward Health Care System.

17 Jul 2024 at 4:45am
HAVERHILL — The Pentucket Players will present a performance of the critically acclaimed musical comedy, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” on Friday through Sunday, July 19-21, in Nicholas Ross Auditorium at City Hall, 4 Summer St.

17 Jul 2024 at 4:30am
BOSTON — Massachusetts cities and towns are getting millions of dollars in funding to harden their computer systems against hacks and ransomware attacks by cybercriminals.

17 Jul 2024 at 4:30am
BOSTON — Massachusetts is dead last in the nation to approve a fiscal year budget with closed door House and Senate negotiations yet to produce a final spending package.

16 Jul 2024 at 10:28am
DANVERS — Essex County Habitat for Humanity recently announced that applications are available for an affordable homeownership opportunity in Hamilton. Located at 434-438 Asbury St., phase two of a 10-home development is beginning which will include one- and three-bedroom duplexes…

16 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
Massachusetts and New Hampshire officials are condemning political violence and calling for calm after the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump at a Pennsylvania rally.

15 Jul 2024 at 4:30am
BOSTON — Plans to scrap the MCAS high school graduation mandate, legalize ‘magic’ mushrooms for therapy, audit the state Legislature and allow ride-hailing drivers to unionize have cleared a final hurdle to the November ballot. - RSS Results in news/national_news of type article - RSS Results in section(s) news/national_news only for asset type(s) of article

19 Jul 2024 at 6:15am
Bob Newhart has died at age 94. Jerry Digney, Newhart’s publicist, says the actor died Thursday in Los Angeles after a series of short illnesses. The accountant-turned-comedian gained fame with a smash album and became one of the most popular…

16 Jul 2024 at 8:37pm
The Republican National Convention has resumed with a focus on immigration and crime, with families impacted by violent crime slated to speak Tuesday night. Immigration is central to former President Donald Trump’s political brand that helped endear him to the…

16 Jul 2024 at 8:03pm
WASHINGTON — A threat on Donald Trump’s life from Iran prompted additional security in the days before Saturday’s campaign rally, but it was unrelated to the assassination attempt on the Republican presidential nominee, two U.S. officials said Tuesday, as law…

16 Jul 2024 at 1:53pm
Sen. Bob Menendez has been convicted of all charges at his corruption trial, including accepting bribes of gold and cash from three New Jersey businessmen and acting as a foreign agent for the Egyptian government. His two codefendants also were…

16 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
With Republicans reeling from the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, Massachusetts delegates to this week's Republican National Convention in Milwaukee view the event as an opportunity to unify the party around the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

16 Jul 2024 at 4:20am
The federal judge presiding over the classified documents case of former President Donald Trump in Florida has dismissed the prosecution because of concerns over the appointment of the prosecutor who brought the case. Lawyers for Trump had argued that special…

15 Jul 2024 at 10:32pm
MILWAUKEE (AP) — Former President Donald Trump, two days after surviving an attempted assassination, appeared triumphantly at the Republican National Convention’s opening night with a bandage over his right ear.

15 Jul 2024 at 4:00pm
MILWAUKEE (AP) — Donald Trump named Sen. JD Vance of Ohio as his running mate Monday, choosing a one-time critic who became a loyal ally and is now the first millennial to join a major-party ticket at a time of…

15 Jul 2024 at 4:43am
Former President Donald Trump is calling for unity and resilience after an attempt on his life added fresh uncertainty to an already tumultuous presidential campaign. The shooting on Saturday also raised sharp questions about how a gunman was able to…

14 Jul 2024 at 8:59pm
The U.S. Secret Service is investigating how a gunman armed with an AR-style rifle was able to get close enough to shoot and injure former President Donald Trump at his rally in Pennsylvania. The Secret Service said the gunman fired…

14 Jul 2024 at 8:11pm
The "Beverly Hills, 90210" star whose life and career were roiled by tabloid stories, Shannen Doherty has died at 53. Doherty's publicist said the actor died Saturday following years with breast cancer. Catapulted to fame as Brenda in “Beverly Hills,…

14 Jul 2024 at 4:49pm
Donald Trump’s campaign said in a statement that he was “fine” after being whisked off the stage at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania after apparent gunshots rang through the crowd. The campaign says he is “being checked out at a… - RSS Results in sports/local_sports of type article - RSS Results in section(s) sports/local_sports only for asset type(s) of article

19 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
In the world of high school tennis, experience and continuity matter.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:30am
In his 20-plus years as the sailing coach at Boston College, Rockport's Greg Wilkinson has had the pleasure of working with a number of extremely talented athletes.

18 Jul 2024 at 6:30pm
A handful of Triton wrestlers are getting some good work in this summer.

18 Jul 2024 at 6:00pm

18 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
In one person’s humble opinion, we have it pretty good here when it comes to athletics in the Daily News area.

17 Jul 2024 at 8:00pm
The North Shore golf family is the poorer today after the recent passing of Kernwood’s Jack King and Myopia’s Joe Roberts.

17 Jul 2024 at 7:00pm
In the bright summer morning of July 2013, Bob Horne pushed down on his bike pedals and crossed the starting line in his first-ever ride to raise money for cancer research.

17 Jul 2024 at 6:00pm - RSS Results in sports/national_sports of type article - RSS Results in section(s) sports/national_sports only for asset type(s) of article

18 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Ask any Patriots fan for a Christian Gonzalez comp.

18 Jul 2024 at 4:00pm
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TNS)

The Daily News of Newburyport: Obituaries
20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am
Listings for Obituaries on The Daily News of Newburyport

17 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Amesbury - It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Karl T. Shook, Sr, aged 86, of Amesbury, MA. He peacefully departed on July 15, 2024, at Lahey Hospital in Burlington, MA. He was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother and member of the community. Born in Amesbury, MA, on February 8, 1938, he was the son of the late William Mossley Shook and Mary (Spillane) Shook, and lived most of his life in Newburyport, where he worked at Owens Illinois Plastics Company and finished his career at Wolverine Corp. in Merrimac. Shortly after graduating from Immaculate Conception High School in 1956, Karl joined the United States Air Force, proudly serving as an air traffic controller. He was a devout Catholic, and a talented bugler in the St. Joseph's Marching Band. Karl and his beloved wife Joan shared a passion for travel and spent many winters in Florida. He enjoyed golfing and spending time with his family in his free time. He is survived by his wife of fifty-six years, Joan (Eaton) Shook; his son, Karl Shook, Jr. of Salisbury; his daughter, Jean McCarthy and husband Kevin of Amesbury; his three grandchildren, Liam Shook of ID, Jack McCarthy and Alexander McCarthy both of Amesbury; three brothers, William Shook Jr. and wife Ruth of Bangor, ME, John Shook and wife Linda of Amesbury, and Rev. James Shook and wife Carol of Wells, ME, along with favorite nephew, Norris, and nieces, June, Pam, Leslie, and Alyssa, extended family and dear friends from near and far. In addition to his parents, he was also pre-deceased by his sister, Diane Sheldon and step mother, Mary (Frost) Shook. A Funeral Mass will be held on Monday, July 22, 2024, at 10 AM at St. Joseph's Church of St. Andre Bessette Parish, Amesbury followed by lunch at the parish hall. A Graveside Service will be held 12:30 P.M. at Belleville Cemetery, Newburyport, where Karl T. Shook will be laid to eternal rest. In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Karl can be made to St. Andre Bessette Parish, 11 Sparhawk Street, Amesbury, MA 01913. Arrangements were by Paul C. Rogers Family Funeral Home, 2 Hillside Avenue, Amesbury, MA 01913.

17 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Newburyport - Dorothy Marie McDonald of Newburyport, formerly of Lynnfield, beloved wife of the late Thomas E. McDonald, passed away July 9 with family at her side. She is survived by Patricia and Vincent Riggi of Georgetown, Kathryn and Rick Clunie of Newburyport, Thomas McDonald of Newburyport, Bryan McDonald of Boxford, and Maureen "Missy" McDonald of Newburyport; by the grandchildren she adored, Emily (Riggi) O'Connor and her husband Kyle of Beverly, Lindsay and Lesley Clunie of Portland, Maine, Joe Riggi and his wife Emily of Salisbury, and Robby, Addison, and Olivia McDonald of Topsfield; and by four great-grandchildren, Rory and Sam O'Connor, and Thomas and Madelyn Riggi. The daughter of William and Helen Tryder, Dot grew up in Charlestown and Malden in a large loving family, graduating from Malden High School at fifteen. She then began a career that took her to the National Labor Relations Board, where she met her husband Tom, and after some years as a full-time mom, to the Lynnfield School Department. Dot loved hosting Tryder and McDonald cookouts in Lynnfield that created many cherished memories for her extended family. An accomplished knitter, she outfitted her family and generations of babies with Irish-knit sweaters. Family and friends may call from 10:00 AM to Noon at the Twomey, LeBlanc, & Conte Funeral Home, 193 High Street, Newburyport on Saturday, July 27, 2024 followed by a service at the funeral home. Burial will be private at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Our Neighbors' Table in Amesbury, MA. For directions or to offer online condolences please visit

16 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Colebrook - COLUMBIA – Dale M. Marshall, 81, of Columbia, passed away peacefully on Friday evening, June 28, 2024, at the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital in Colebrook with her family at her side and after a long period of declining health. She was born in Beverly, Mass., on May 20, 1943, a daughter to the late Karl P. and Leonora (Nichol) Stephany. She grew up in Essex, Mass., where her father owned "Karl's Bakery" for many years. Dale was a graduate of Saint Ann High School in Gloucester, Mass., in the Class of 1961. After high school, she went on to nursing school and was a nurse at the Danvers State Hospital. Later in her life, she married Robert A. Marshall, Jr., and together they owned and operated RAM Trucking Co., in Rowley, Mass. They retired to the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, residing in Columbia for many years. Dale was always helping others in spite of her own serious health issues. She volunteered at Helping Hands, Inc., in Colebrook, until just recently. She leaves behind her sons, Michael J. Kent of Merrimac, Mass., and Jason P. Kent of Palm Bay, Fla.; her brother, Vincent Fierro and his family of Colorado; grandsons, James M. Kent of Dover, N.H., Joseph R. Kent and his wife Lexus of Fayetteville, N.C., and Hugh D. Kent of Orefield, Penn.; her step-children, Daniel Marshall and his wife Christine of Salisbury, Mass., and Kim Cyr and husband Jon of Columbia; and her step-grandchildren, Courtney Krigest and husband Kyle of Georgetown, Mass., Caitlyn Marshall of Rowley, Mass., Hayden Cyr of Ossipee, N.H., and Shelby Farinella and husband David of Freedom, N.H.; and many, many friends. She is preceded in death by her husband, Robert, in 2023, and a brother, Phillip Stephany. Expressions of sympathy in memory of Mrs. Marshall may be made in her name to Helping Hands, Inc., 96 Main St., Colebrook, NH 03576. There are no public calling hours or local services scheduled. Dale will be interred with Robert in the Rowley Cemetery in Rowley, Mass., at the convenience of the family.

14 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Hampton - David W. Murray, 86, of Hampton, formerly of Newburyport, MA. It is with immense sorrow that we share the passing of our Dad, Grampie, brother, uncle, cousin and loyal friend who left us unexpectedly but peacefully in his sleep July 8, 2024. Born in Newburyport, MA to the late Joseph and Dorothea Murray, he attended Immaculate Conception School, graduated from Newburyport High School and went on to serve six years in the United States Air Force. He was active in Newburyport life and politics. He was a member of the city council and served as its President (1970). He dedicated 11 years to the city as Housing Authority Commissioner (1975-1986), and held the position of Civil Defense Director (80's). In 1972, he chaired Newburyport's annual Yankee Homecoming celebration. David and his wife, Faith, loved the tradition of this annual celebration, and enjoyed volunteering for many of its events. Often, award-winning floats were built in their front yard as part of the closing parade. David's career included working at Coca-Cola and W. E. Atkinson in Newburyport. He retired at 80 years young from Aqua Laboratories in Amesbury, MA after 24 years as Director of Plant Operations. David was married to his beloved wife, Faith, for 61 years, until her passing in 2023. He was also predeceased by his sister, Kathryn. He will be incredibly missed by those he left behind including his four children Lisa Murray-Nagle (Keith), Andrea Heavey (Dennis), Leslie Daigle (Todd), and Daniel Murray (Melissa) along with his sister Anne Mary Ronan, his seven grandchildren, Joanna, Jackie, Brent, Kyle, Anna, Melissa and Arianna, and several dear nieces and nephews. His children and grandchildren were his pride and joy and if you ever had the good fortune of speaking with him, you certainly heard all about them. He loved vacationing with his family including annual beach trips where some of his family's warmest memories were made. He was even looking forward to a beach week later this month, and a family trip to Scotland in November. David always ran into someone he knew wherever he went, even overseas; a testament to the man he was. While we will miss his presence every day, we will honor him by carrying on as he would - cold drink in hand, laughing together, and making friends wherever we go. We ask you to do the same. David's family would also like to thank the Hampton Police Department for their response, assistance and kindness. Visiting hours to honor and remember David will be held on Thursday July 18, 2024 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Remick & Gendron Funeral Home-Crematory, 811 Lafayette Road, Hampton, NH 03842. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. on Friday, July 19, 2024 at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, 289 Lafayette Road in Hampton. Burial with U.S. Air Force Honors will take place at St. Joseph's Cemetery in Amesbury, MA immediately following. In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory can be made to Tunnels to Towers, 2361 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island, NY 10306 or online at

14 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Miami - Suzanne Fenders Winter, 76, of Miami, FL died on May 28,2024. She was born in Beverly MA in 1947 to Maude Emerson Fenders and John Fenders of Rowley, MA. Suzanne attended Newburyport High, where she graduated valedictorian of her class, before studying English at Tufts University. Suzanne was preceded in death by her parents, Maude and Jack Fenders, and is survived by her children, John Benjamin Winter and Kelly Ann Winter and their spouses as well as her sister, Lisbeth Johnston and her family. Everyone who knew Suzanne knew she loved three things: her family, cats, and Chardonnay. She will always be remembered for her love of animals, her dry sense of humor, her devotion to charity, and her passion for politics. Her memorial service will be held on August 2nd 2024 at 1 p.m. at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Miami, FL. Donations in her name to Alley Cat Allies would be greatly appreciated.

14 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Lancaster - Peter G. Bedrosian, 94, of Lancaster, passed away on July 9, 2024. He was the husband of the late Joanne White Bedrosian. Born in Newburyport, MA, he was the son of the late Aram G. and Pansy (Jaffarian) Bedrosian. He was a 1948 graduate of Newburyport High School. He attended RCA Institutes in New York City. He graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1953 with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean conflict. Tours of duty, as a Medical Equipment Repairman, included Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Denver, Colorado and Tokyo Army Hospital in Japan. He worked at the former RCA plant for over 46 years. He held managerial and engineering positions with RCA and successor companies. He retired from Philips Communication, Security and Imaging, Inc. in 1999. He later worked as a consultant at Bosch Security Systems. He was a member of Grandview Church, Life member of the American Legion (Post 34), and an associate member of the Fraternal Order of Police for over 36 years. He was a Radio Amateur for over 68 years and held the call W1WJG. He held memberships in the Red Rose Repeater Association and the American Radio Relay League. He is survived by two sons, James P., and Peter L. (Paula), and two grandchildren, Marissa Lynn (Taylor) and Evan Peter. He was predeceased by his wife Joanne's twin sister Fayanne White, wife of the late Richard White, Brenda Lynn Bedrosian, two brothers, Hagop A., husband of the late Vera Bedrosian, Peabody, MA and Aram, husband of Elizabeth Mathews, Montvale, NJ. Donations may be given to Grandview Church, 888 Pleasure Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601 or Hospice & Community Care, 685 Good Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601. A service will be held at a later date. To leave an online condolence, visit Charles F. Snyder Jr. Funeral Home and Crematory

10 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Newburyport - Lois (Price) Schofield was born August 3, 1925 and passed peacefully on July 3, 2024 just shy of her 99th birthday. Born in Winchester hospital in Medford, MA to Medford retired Fire Chief Louis A. Price and Nelly (Russell) Price. Lois graduated frm Medford High School and attended Burdett College of Business & Shorthand in Boston. She later received her degree in her 50's from Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill. Her professional career started with a secretarial role in the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston. In later years she became the first secretary at Central School in West Newbury. She held numerous positions in medical practices to then end her career as Unit Secretary at the Anna Jaques in Newburyport, MA. Lois enjoyed many friends and numerous hobbies. She expressed her love of color by painting, knitting and was an avid quilter. She was a founding member of the Merrimack Valley Quilters serving as one of its first Presidents. She enjoyed traveling in the US and abroad with one of her favorite trips being a trin excursion through the Canadian Rockies. Lois is survived by her beloved children Dawne Fusco of West Newbury, Steven Schofield and wife Kathy of Gorham NH, Elizabeth Schofield of West Newbury and Alan Schofield and wife Ann of Newburyport, grandchildren Andrea Fusco, Michael Fusco, Tina Pernilla, Stephanie Flynn-Schofield, Heather Pizzutto, Gregory Schofield and 6 great grandchildren . She is predeceased by her husband Raymond Schofield, son in law Anthony J. Fusco, great granddaughter Isabella Fusco and her sister Nancy Brocklebank. The family would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to the staff at AdviniaCare Country Center of Newburyport for all of their exemplary care and kindness . A celebration of her life will be held at St Pauls church in in Newburyport on July 30th at 10am. In lieu of flowers donations made be made to Our Neighbors Table through St Pauls.

10 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Amesbury - Dolores Denise Doonan passed away on July 6, 2024. She was born on April 3, 1938, to Paul E. (Bernard) and Rosella Gouin in Amesbury, MA. She married her high school sweetheart James Peter (Pete) Doonan and moved with her newly commissioned naval officer to Oakland, CA where she had her first son, Jay. Michael would later be born on a naval base in Newport, RI followed by Tom and Erin in Newburyport, MA. Dolores enjoyed traveling with Pete and together they visited Hong Kong, mainland China, and much of Europe. She was grateful for the trips, and they took her parents with them to London and Paris. She was an avid reader and amassed a major library of which she was immensely proud. She loved listening to music and spoiling her grandchildren. She and Pete hosted the best family gatherings and loved family vacations in Maine. She volunteered at Anna Jacques Hospital and cheered up countless people. A consummate nurturer, she was honored to take care of her parents and Uncle Charlie. She loved the warm winters in Florida and the family, friends, and lobsters during the summers in MA. She would want to thank everyone that helped her, and her family and friends, navigate Alzheimer's. She received incredible care at Benchmark, Country Manor (Advinia) and at the Anna Jacques Hospital. Donations in her name to Alzheimer's research would be appreciated. Dolores is survived by her children Michael Doonan and wife Patricia of Ipswich, Thomas Doonan and wife Pamela of Worcester, and Erin Candiano and husband Steven of Seabrook, NH. She was pre-deceased by her husband of 65 years James Peter Doonan Sr, and by her son James (Jay) Peter Doonan, Jr. She also leaves her brothers Paul Gouin and Charles Gouin and his wife Suzanne. She leaves nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren along with many cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends.

10 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
West Newbury - Paul P. Johnston, 80, passed away peacefully at home on July 8, 2024, with Jacqueline, his beloved wife of 59 years at his bedside. He spent his final days surrounded by his loving family. Born in Boston, MA on May 18, 1944, Paul was the second child of Frederick and Ruth Johnston, who moved their family to West Newbury when Paul was 8 years old. Country life suited Paul, and he embraced farm chores and proved himself capable, responsible, and dedicated from an early age. He fondly recalled working in the fields and stables at Orcland Farms on Crane Neck Street. In 1961, while judging cows at the Topsfield Fair, Paul's attention was also on 4-H contestant Jacqueline Duchemin. Believing they were meant to be together, Jacqueline announced on their first date that she would marry him. They were each other's closest and truest partners in every way from that day on. Paul graduated from Essex Agricultural High School in 1962, where he played pivotal roles on the football and basketball teams. In 1964, he graduated from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a degree in Dairy Technology. Marriage followed in September that year, and sons Paul Jr., Eric, and Daniel were born in 1965, 1966, and 1968. As devoted as Paul was to his family, he was also exceptionally loyal to his employer. He quickly advanced from an entry level position to Plant Manager at the New England Milk Producers Association. In 1976, at 32 years old, he was promoted to General Manager of the largest dairy cooperative in New England, Yankee Milk. He led that cooperative and its successor, Agri-Mark, Inc. as President and CEO until his retirement in 2011, including through the acquisitions of nationally branded Cabot Cheese and the McCadam Cheese Company in New York. Recognized for his work ethic, leadership, and keen decisions, Paul served on the Boards and Executive Committees of the National Milk Producers Federation, the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, as well as other regional and national associations. Until this year, he was a Trustee of the "Big E" Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, MA. Committed to progress in the dairy industry, he pursued opportunities, overcame challenges, followed his intuition, and allied with farmers, distributors, and executives. Paul was a voracious reader of current events, history, and fiction, and nearly always had a book in hand. He enjoyed quiet weekends at Cole's Pond in Walden, Vermont, and spent many hours tending vegetable gardens. At family events, he was generous, witty, and wise – and deeply proud of the generations gathered around him. He leaves his devoted wife Jacqueline, son Paul and wife Gigi, son Eric and wife Deanna, son Daniel and wife Heidi, and grandchildren Kyle and wife Alex, Andrew, Lauren, Hailey, Ryan, Natalie, and Elias Johnston, all of whom will honor his memory over their lifetimes. Paul was predeceased by brothers Frederick Jr., Ronald and Robert and sister-in-law, Linda, and is survived by siblings Kevin and Mary Kate and sister-in-law, Christine, as well as many nieces and nephews. Calling hours will be held at Elliott, Woodworth & Rogers Family Funeral Home, 35 Green Street, Newburyport, on July 18, from 5 to 8 pm. A Funeral Mass will be held at St. Ann's Church, 300 Main Street, West Newbury on July 19, at 10:30 am, followed by burial at the Walnut Hill Cemetery on Bachelor Street, West Newbury. Donations honoring Paul's life may be made to the G.A.R. Memorial Library, West Newbury.

10 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Merrimac - Patricia "Pat" Basque, age 69, longtime resident of Merrimac, passed after a period of declining health at Maplewood Manor Nursing Home, Amesbury, surrounded by her loving family. Born in Amesbury, November 7 1954, she was one of nine children of the late Alexander J. and Lois J. (Carden) Basque. She attended St. Joseph School in Amesbury and was a graduate of Amesbury High School. Pat worked at the former Towle Manufacturing in Newburyport for 17 years, processing medical claims. Pat was a longtime communicant of the Church of the Nativity in Merrimac for many years, and was devoted to the Church, always helping with special gatherings and with Church fairs. She was a very kind hearted and loving individual soul, always ready to help whenever needed. She leaves behind her siblings who will fondly keep precious memories of Pat in their hearts - Jimmy Basque and companion Terri, Peggy Bisson and husband Armand, Kathy Follansbee and husband Kevin, Maryanne Basque, Robin Lambert and husband Stephen and Alexander Basque, Jr., and wife Jaylene; brother-in-law, Peter Sheehan; along with several generations of nieces and nephews, extended family members and many dear, dear friends throughout her lifetime. In addition to her parents, Pat was also predeceased by two sisters, Maureen Waddell and her husband Roland, and Jeanne Sheehan, and sister-in-law, Elaine Basque. A Funeral Mass will be held on Monday July 15, 2024 at 10:30 A.M. at the Church of the Nativity of the Immaculate Conception Parish, 4 Green Street, Merrimac. The family will have a private burial at St. Joseph Cemetery, Haverhill Road, Amesbury, MA where she will be laid to eternal rest on her mother's grave. In lieu of flowers, kindly consider making donations in memory of Patricia Basque to the Church of the Nativity, 4 Green Street, Merrimac, MA 01860. Arrangements were by Paul C. Rogers Family Funeral Home, 36 West Main Street, Merrimac, MA 01860.

7 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Lawrence - John D. MacDonald, 71, of Lawrence passed away on March 15, 2024 in Methuen MA. He was born in Newburyport on June 5, 1952 to Leo MacDonald and Wilma (MacDonald) Felch. Jack was a Factory Worker, Taxi Driver, Security Guard and belonged to Civil Defense of Newburyport. He married Barbara (Darbe) on August 14, 1993. Jack is survived by his mother, two brothers Lance and David MacDonald, five children Denise Darbe-Siney, Robert, Heidi, and Laura MacDonald and Jennifer Caron, seven grandchildren, several aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. He was predeceased by his father, Leo, loving sister Rachel, step-father Bernard Felch and his son Marc. There will be no services. We will have a Celebration of Life at a later date. The Twomey, LeBlanc, & Conte Funeral Home, Newburyport is assisting with Mr. MacDonald's arrangements. To offer online condolences please visit

7 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Merrimac - Muriel A. (L'Italien) Levesque, age 82, longtime resident of Merrimac, passed unexpectedly at her home on July 3, 2024. Born in Salem, MA, June 28, 1942, she was the daughter of the late Edward and Aurette (Jalbert) L'Italien and was a graduate of Essex Aggie. Muriel's love of animals drew her to the dog industry, which led her to become a dog breeder of Newfoundlands. Muriel was also an avid gardener and always had a garden at her home. Muriel loved to bring vegetables to her neighbors and she would share her recipes on various ways to prepare them. One particular favorite was to use her fresh basil and turn it into pesto sauce. She leaves behind memories of a life filled with much joy to her three children, Michael P. Leveques of CA, Debra Deschenes of Bradford, and Terry Nadeau of TN; her three grandchildren, who were the love of her life, Brian and Scott Descehens and Jillian Nadeau; her only brother, George L'Italien, along with extended family and dear friends from near and far. In addition to her parents, she was also predeceased by her granddaughter, Nicole Deschenes. Visiting hours will be held on Wednesday, July 10, 2024 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Highland Chapel of Paul C. Rogers Family Funeral home, 2 Hillside Avenue, Amesbury, MA, with a short service at the funeral home at 7 p.m., then finishing off the visiting hours. In lieu of flowers, kindly consider making donations in honor of Muriel A. Levesque to Half A Sorrow Foundation,

7 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Amesbury - Duncan Lowell Noyes, lifetime Amesbury resident and all around good guy, died surrounded by loved ones at the family homestead on July 2, 2024, at the age of 71. A 1970 graduate of AHS, Duncan always enjoyed the competition and camaraderie of sports and games. From playing first base on an undefeated Little League team to the many bowling leagues he joined in Florida, from learning cribbage and bridge in elementary school to marathon games of Mexican Train Dominoes and a national ranking as backgammon player, he got tremendous satisfaction from that intersection of competition and sociability. Duncan grew up along the Merrimack River, making it and the woods behind the house his playground. It was the realization of a dream, when, after his retirement, he was able to buy the property from his parents' estate, and spend the rest of his life living on and improving the property. After graduating cum laude from Amherst College in 1974, Duncan started his work life in banking. He very shortly got a job with Raytheon, working as a project planner in their missile systems program. During his career there he earned his MBA from Southern New Hampshire University. Wanting to spend more time with his wife, Bonnie, and wanting to travel while they both had their health, he joined her in retirement in 2007. They soon bought a condominium in Clearwater FL, and became snowbirds and started building a community of friends there. There is a saying "the first third of your life is for learning, the second third is for earning, and the last third is for returning." Duncan embodied this. He chose his charities carefully and gave generously. In retirement he served as a treasurer to numerous organizations, including St. James Episcopal Church, the Merrimack River Watershed Council, and the Salisbury Point Cemetery Association. And, he was a patriarch, giving counsel generously to his children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Duncan was blessed to grow up in a stable, loving family. His parents, William H. and Eleanor L., and his siblings, Bart, Debbie, and Greg were the classic nuclear family. He took the lessons he learned there to the true passion project of his life, the family he and Bonnie created. Through the highs and lows of family, he met it head on with resolve, compassion, and clear-eyed realism. He always did his best. Duncan is survived by his siblings, his wife Bonnie, three children; Paul and wife Juli, Sherri, and Amanda and husband David, nine grandchildren, two step-grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by a son, Jamie, and a great-granddaughter, Olivia. Calling hours at Paul Rogers Funeral Home in Amesbury, MA from 10 12 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10, 2024. Service will follow at 12 p.m. Burial will be a private ceremony. In lieu of flowers, contributions are requested for deposit only to The Salisbury Point Cemetery Association, Bankprov, 5 Market Street, Amesbury, MA 01913.

7 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Newbury - John B. Vander Sande, 80, of Newbury MA died Friday, June 28, 2024. He was born March 27, 1944 in Baltimore, MD of John L Vander Sande and Genevieve (Kowalski) Vander Sande. He earned his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with highest honors from Stevens Institute of Technology (1966) and his PhD in Materials Science from Northwestern University (1970). He was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to study at Oxford University as a postdoctoral fellow. John joined the MIT faculty in 1971 as an Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and became a full professor in 1981. He was named Cecil & Ida Green Distinguished Professor in 1991. A year later he was appointed Associate Dean of Engineering and served as Acting Dean of Engineering twice. One of his accomplishments during that period was to play a leading role in developing the Singapore-MIT Alliance, MIT's first foray into distance education. John was named Executive Director of the Cambridge-MIT Institute (CMI), a collaboration with University of Cambridge (UK) and MIT, funded by the British government and industry. CMI concentrated on undergraduate and faculty exchanges, integrated research on productivity and entrepreneurship, professional development for executives and collaboration with eight British universities designated as Enterprise Centers. He served as Executive Director from 1999-2003. John retired from MIT in 2006 but continued his involvement with international academic projects in Ecuador, Morocco and Iceland. He served as Acting Provost of Reykjavik University, Iceland from 2009-2010. John was known for his pioneering contributions to electron microscopy for the characterization of structure and composition of materials. In 1987, John and Gregory J Yurek, another MIT professor, developed a breakthrough technology for processing high temperature superconducting oxide wires; this seminal research led to the co-founding of American Superconductor Corporation with Professors Yet-Ming Chiang and David Rudman. Drs. Vander Sande and Yurek received the 1994 Massachusetts Columbus Quincentennial Award in recognition of the Spirit of Discovery for their breakthrough work in developing high temperature superconductors. With resources stemming from MIT's involvement in founding the company, MIT endowed two professorships- one honoring the late John F Elliott's contribution to metallurgical science and engineering, and the other as a memorial to MIT's 4th President James Mason Crafts. Outside of MIT, he was well regarded as a scholar and gifted lecturer on 17th and 18th century New England furniture, generously sharing his knowledge and engaging in lively discussions with like-minded enthusiasts, including his wife Marie-Teresa and antique afficionados- Hollis Brodrick, Gerry Mingin and Charlie Griffin. He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Marie-Teresa (Melluzzo) Vander Sande; son John Franklin and wife Melanie (Swirk) VanderSande, Amesbury; daughter Rosse Marais VanderSande Ellis and husband Zak Ellis, Decatur, Tx; grandchildren Gabriel Rhys Pelletier and partner Grace Christian, Los Angeles; Sophia Marais VanderSande and John Christian VanderSande, Amesbury, MA. He is survived by one brother, Jack Vander Sande and his wife, Elaine, Noxon, MT. His brother Emiel D Vander Sande predeceased him. John Vander Sande was a man of great character, generous spirit, a wonderful mentor, loving husband and father and a faithful Catholic. Family and friends may call from 4 to 6 p.m. on Thursday, July 11, 2024 at the Twomey, LeBlanc, & Conte Funeral Home 193 High St., Newburyport, MA 01950. His Funeral Mass will be Celebrated at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, July 12, 2024 at Immaculate Conception Church, followed by burial at Oak Hill Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, please make donations in the name of John B. Vander Sande to Newbury Fire Department, Protection 2 or The Museum of Old Newbury. For directions or to offer online condolences please visit

7 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Newbury - Claire Therese (Fogarty) Mills, 69, passed away on Saturday, July 6, 2024 at her home in Newbury surrounded by family. Claire was the youngest child born to James and Margaret (Hackett) Fogarty of Malden on April 26, 1955. Claire attended the Immaculate Conception School and Girls' Catholic High School in Malden and Burdett College in Boston. When Claire was a teenager, she met her husband of 50 years, Michael Mills, on Plum Island, where both families had summer homes. Together, they have two daughters, Denise Mills and Julie (Mills) Gagnon. Claire had a 40-year career with the Newburyport Bank and was an active member in the community. Claire will be remembered most for her incredible dedication as a wife, mother, and especially as a Nana to her five grandchildren, Mathew, Olivia, and Lindsey Mills and Maxwell and Vaughn Gagnon. Claire is loved and missed by her husband, daughters, grandchildren, son-in-law, James Gagnon, siblings; Eleanor Lane, James and Mary Lou Fogarty, John Fogarty, Vincent and Judy Fogarty, Mary and Stan Kench, and Margaret and Ray Mills, as well as her brother and sister-in-law, Stephen and Donna Mills. Claire touched the hearts of many nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. Family and friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday July 10, 2024 at the Twomey, LeBlanc, & Conte Funeral Home, 193 High St., Newburyport, MA 01950. Her Funeral Mass will be Celebrated at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, July 11, 2024 at Immaculate Conception Church followed by burial at Oakhill Cemetery. Friends are asked to meet at Church for her Mass on Thursday. For directions or to offer online condolences please visit

4 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Hercules - Dr. Vernon Royce Small Jr., also known as Rusty, was born in Newburyport, MA and raised in Seabrook, NH. He was a beloved father, grandfather, brother, uncle, ex-husband, cousin, & friend. Vernon attended Winnacunnet High School, pursued a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Hampshire and a Doctor of Philosophy from Stanford University. He worked as a Research Chemist at Chevron and later taught college chemistry. In addition to his scientific pursuits, he had a creative side and was an accomplished poet as well as a scholar of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Vernon is survived by his daughter, Rachel Small (Scott Mantie) of Hampton, NH; his daughter, Andrea Walker (Chris) of Rodeo, CA; his daughter, Devon Small (Dylan Sharon) of Fair Oaks, CA; his grandchildren, Braydon, Ryan, and Jaxson Walker; his sister, Elaine Lentz (Bob) of Seabrook, NH; his nephew, James Lentz (Nicole) of Seabrook, NH; his grandnephews, Hunter and Collin; his ex-wife, Patricia Small of Roseville, CA; as well as many cousins and friends. He was predeceased by his mother, Elsie Small (Fowler); his father, Vernon Small Sr.; his godson, Andrew Fowler, as well as his grandparents, aunts, uncles, many cousins, and loyal childhood companion, Rex. A memorial service will take place on Friday, July 12th, at the Trinity United Church in Seabrook, NH at 11 a.m.

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20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am
Current Winning Numbers

20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am

Draw ID: 2072

Winning Numbers: 4-7-20-26-34 Lucky Ball: 8

Next Draw Date: 07/20/2024 Saturday

Jackpot Winners: None

Estimated Top Prize: $1,000

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20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am

Draw ID: 7001

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Next Draw Date: 07/20/2024 Saturday

Jackpot Winners: None

Estimated Top Prize: $100,000

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20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am

Draw ID: 2835

Winning Numbers: 10-17-23-50-67 Mega Ball: 3 Megaplier: 3

Next Draw Date: 07/23/2024 Tuesday

Jackpot Winners: None

Estimated Jackpot: $131.1 million

Estimated Cash Option: $279 million

Video Link:

20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am

Draw ID: 4297

Winning Numbers: 3-9-16-18-28-40

Next Draw Date: 07/20/2024 Saturday

Jackpot Winners: None

Estimated Jackpot: $1.41 million

Estimated Cash Option: $2.05 million

Video Link:

20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am

Draw ID: 1661

Winning Numbers: 24-27-32-47-66 Powerball: 26 Powerplay: 2

Next Draw Date: 07/20/2024 Saturday

Jackpot Winners: None

Estimated Jackpot: $43.6 million

Estimated Cash Option: $91 million

Video Link:

20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am

Draw ID: 22805

Winning Numbers: 5-6-5-0

Next Draw Date: 07/20/2024 Saturday


Exact 4: $7,221

Exact 3: $1,011

Exact 2: $87

Exact 1: $9

Any 4: $602

Any First 3: $337

Any Last 3: $168


20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am

Draw ID: 22806

Winning Numbers: 5-3-5-5

Next Draw Date: 07/20/2024 Saturday


Exact 4: $5,262

Exact 3: $737

Exact 2: $63

Exact 1: $6

Any 4: $1,315

Any First 3: $246

Any Last 3: $246


Top Stories

20 Jul 2024 at 7:59am

Video: Filtered Sun, Drops Could Fall In Spots

20 Jul 2024 at 7:15am

Trump's public comments have varied between criticizing U.S. backing for Ukraine's defense and supporting it.

20 Jul 2024 at 6:36am

Police in New Hampshire are warning consumers about a scam using gift cards that's targeting people across the country.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:36am

The unprecedented and sweeping condemnation of Israel's rule over the lands it captured 57 years ago could increase the country's isolation.

20 Jul 2024 at 4:50am

Jackson Lee had previously had breast cancer and announced she had pancreatic cancer in June.

19 Jul 2024 at 11:23pm

Mass General Brigham sites are expected to be operational on Saturday, following a faulty software update from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike.

19 Jul 2024 at 11:10pm

The 35-year-old told investigators started a fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital on July 1 and had been in Massachusetts for about three weeks.

19 Jul 2024 at 10:48pm

A widespread technology outage was disrupting flights, banks, media outlets and companies around the world on Friday.

19 Jul 2024 at 10:39pm

Mike Wankum has a look at the forecast for Boston, Massachusetts and New England.

19 Jul 2024 at 10:23pm

July's full moon will shine bright in the sky this weekend — and lands near the anniversary of a special lunar event worth celebrating.

19 Jul 2024 at 10:12pm

"Charged political statements have muddled the conversation and distracted from the two primary factors that any parent must consider: safety and fairness for their children," the governor said.

19 Jul 2024 at 9:50pm

A woman whose murder conviction was overturned after she served 43 years in prison is now free, despite objections from Missouri's attorney general

Local News: Breaking Boston news, politics, crime, and traffic
Local News: Breaking Boston news, politics, crime, and traffic
20 Jul 2024 at 8:05am

20 Jul 2024 at 8:05am

The fundraiser on July 29 will be at the home of a family friend on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Green told The Associated Press Friday.

The post Letterman will headline Biden fundraiser on Martha’s Vineyard appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 7:09pm

The budget would set aside more than $117 million for the free community college program across the state, covering tuition and fees for students.

The post Mass. House and Senate approve a $58B state budget deal appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 3:33pm

Don't say we didn't warn you.

The post This song protesting a new Starbucks in North Adams will get stuck in your head appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 2:11pm

Three of the 80 heat-related pet deaths this year in the U.S. happened in Boston.

The post As temperatures soar, pets can experience heat stroke too. Here’s what you should know. appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 11:56am

Flights, banks, hospitals, and more were affected by the technology outage Friday. The Massachusetts RMV experienced a number of disruptions.

The post Mass. RMV cancels appointments, unable to take online payments due to global tech outage appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 11:46am

The juror allegedly said the jury was only deadlocked on the count of OUI manslaughter and its lesser included offenses.

The post Karen Read’s lawyers say a fifth juror has confirmed the jury was a unanimous ‘not guilty’ on murder charge appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 11:39am

The suspect stole a juice bottle and multiple water bottles, police say.

The post Ax-wielding man charged with armed robbery in Charlestown appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 11:38am

“There are a lot of people that deserve thanks.”

The post You’ll hear plenty of gratitude when Red Sox radio icon Joe Castiglione gets his moment in the Hall of Fame spotlight appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 11:00am

About two-thirds of Democrats or left-leaning voters in Massachusetts want a younger candidate to take on Donald Trump.

The post Most left-leaning Mass. voters want Biden to step aside, new poll finds appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 10:08am

Several hospitals have canceled all previously scheduled non-urgent surgeries, procedures, and medical visits. 

The post Here’s how the worldwide tech outage is affecting Boston hospitals appeared first on

NYT > Top Stories
NYT > Top Stories
20 Jul 2024 at 8:08am

19 Jul 2024 at 10:34pm
As he recovers from Covid, the president has grown resentful toward Democratic congressional leaders and former President Barack Obama.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:03am
Indian Americans are now the largest and most politically active group among Asian Americans. Among their recent milestones: Vice President Kamala Harris, two G.O.P. presidential candidates — and a possible second lady.

19 Jul 2024 at 10:55pm
The former House speaker and fellow California lawmakers were discussing the Democratic Party’s stressful state of affairs.

19 Jul 2024 at 7:54pm
The R.N.C. ended with uncertainty about whether Trump can capitalize on the opportunity ahead.

19 Jul 2024 at 6:57pm
Thomas Crooks was a brainy and quiet young man who built computers and won honors at school, impressing his teachers. Then he became a would-be assassin.

19 Jul 2024 at 11:10pm
Investigators have information that suggests a man intent on assassinating former President Donald J. Trump flew the device over the campaign event location on the day of the shooting.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:03am
While in some corners of Silicon Valley people worry about the risks of A.I., a simple failed software update caused a worldwide outage.

19 Jul 2024 at 10:02pm
With each cascade of digital disaster, new vulnerabilities emerge. The latest chaos wasn’t caused by an adversary, but it provided a road map of American vulnerabilities at a critical moment.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
In two years, Texas has bused more than 119,000 people to Democrat-led cities, shifting both migration patterns and the debate over immigration. The list of cities keeps expanding.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:03am
Former President Donald J. Trump and the Texas governor are calling for a “secure border.” But actions by Mexico and President Biden have led to a period of relative calm.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:15am
The N.B.A. star talks Philly cheesesteaks, Twitter trolling and playing for Team U.S.A. over France in the Olympics.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
To keep it from Russian forces, a writer hid his last manuscript under a cherry tree. Its rediscovery became part of a flowering of interest in Ukrainian literature.

Google Alert - US Breaking News
19 Jul 2024 at 5:56pm

19 Jul 2024 at 5:56pm
What to know as banks, airlines and other Microsoft clients grapple with global outages due to a CrowdStrike software issue.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:42pm
Banks, airlines, TV stations and health systems in countries around the world that rely on Microsoft's 365 apps reported widespread outages Friday ...

19 Jul 2024 at 12:40pm
Microsoft Outage: Millions of Windows users across the globe are experiencing the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error which is causing the system to ...

19 Jul 2024 at 11:22am
--------------------------------------------------- Follow us online for all the latest news: ➤ WEBSITE: ➤ EN ESPAÑOL ...

19 Jul 2024 at 9:19am
Video. Gershkovich was convicted for alleged espionage, an accusation he, his employer and the US government vehemently deny, labelling the trial ...

19 Jul 2024 at 9:14am
BREAKING NEWS. Russia convicts U.S. reporter Evan Gershkovich of espionage after trial widely seen as politically motivated. By Associated Press ...

19 Jul 2024 at 8:03am
Trump should fire the Secret Service and bill the US government for his own security forces. ... Today's breaking news and more in your inbox. I'm ...

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20 Jul 2024 at 3:21am

20 Jul 2024 at 3:21am
Largest housing provider for migrant children engaged in pervasive sexual abuse, US says. AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Employees of the largest housing ...

20 Jul 2024 at 2:45am
The deal assures that the defendants in the lawsuit — state education officials and several local school boards — will not post the commandments in ...

20 Jul 2024 at 2:09am
On July 20, 1954, Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore and Bill Black performed in public for the first time, billing themselves as the Blue Moon Boys.

20 Jul 2024 at 12:03am
David Letterman will headline a fundraiser with President Joe Biden in 10 days at the home of Hawaii Gov. Josh Green, a person familiar with the ...

19 Jul 2024 at 10:59pm
Utah's Republican governor — a longtime skeptic of Donald Trump — said Friday that “God had a hand” in saving the former president from an attempted ...

19 Jul 2024 at 10:51pm
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Congressional Black Caucus prides itself on its authority among Democrats and its influence with President Joe Biden in ...

19 Jul 2024 at 10:34pm
DETROIT (AP) — A giant slide in Detroit reopened Friday, and no one lost a tooth — yet. The slide at Belle Isle state park made headlines, ...

19 Jul 2024 at 10:26pm
Officials say two Australian and three Indonesian nationals have survived after a tourist helicopter crashed in Bali, due to being entangled in a ...

19 Jul 2024 at 9:26pm
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Employees of the largest housing provider for unaccompanied migrant children in the U.S. repeatedly sexually abused and harassed ...

19 Jul 2024 at 9:19pm
Willens died Tuesday at 74 of ovarian cancer, diagnosed shortly after her 2021 retirement. Willens was among the AP's first female staff photographers ...

19 Jul 2024 at 9:17pm
Ready, set, go! A six-lane giant slide has reopened in Detroit at Belle Isle state park. In 2022, the slide made headlines, got a mention on Jimmy ...

19 Jul 2024 at 8:57pm
Largest housing provider for migrant children engaged in pervasive sexual abuse, US says.

Washington Post
20 Jul 2024 at 8:21am
Washington Post News Feed

20 Jul 2024 at 6:03am
Dhaka and several other Bangladeshi cities have been engulfed by protests in opposition to a new policy reserving a portion of government jobs for certain groups.

20 Jul 2024 at 2:57am
The Post visited Kirov, in western Russia, where residents say President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine is a fight for Russia’s survival against the U.S. and NATO.

20 Jul 2024 at 1:22am
One person was killed and at least five injured in the attack, which Israeli officials say probably came from Yemen.

19 Jul 2024 at 9:32pm
Microsoft said it was aware of an issue affecting Windows programs running cybersecurity technology from CrowdStrike. Here’s how flights, hospitals and services were affected.

19 Jul 2024 at 7:32pm
The Afghanistan War Commission will study the conflict’s myriad failures with a mandate to recommend how the U.S. can avoid a repeat performance.

19 Jul 2024 at 3:32pm
They were heading for Turks and Caicos, the International Organization for Migration said.

19 Jul 2024 at 3:22pm
Participants in a new study blushed while watching videos of themselves singing popular karaoke songs from Adele, Mariah Carey and “Frozen.”

19 Jul 2024 at 3:04pm
Schools and universities have been closed indefinitely, and authorities have cut mobile internet services nationwide, citing the need to curb disinformation.

19 Jul 2024 at 11:19am
Israel described the request for the court to weigh in as biased and an “abuse of international law and the judicial process.”

19 Jul 2024 at 9:16am
Trong presided over a period of greater economic openness and a domestic political crackdown as Vietnam became a swing state in Asia’s great power games.

19 Jul 2024 at 8:57am
Gershkovich, a Wall Street Journal reporter accredited by Russia’s Foreign Ministry, was arrested in March 2023 in a case his employer called hostage-taking.

19 Jul 2024 at 7:00am
A look at how the U.S. public pension system stacks up to more than 100 others, in five charts.

National News: Breaking news, politics, crime, tech, and more
19 Jul 2024 at 1:59pm

19 Jul 2024 at 1:59pm

In a 90-minute, wide-ranging speech accepting the Republican presidential nomination, former President Donald Trump painted a bleak vision of the state of America, distorting facts around crime by immigrants in the country illegally, the state of the economy and jobs

The post Here is the AP’s fact check of Trump’s RNC speech appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 1:41pm

Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump were at the Republican National Convention on its last night

The post Former first lady Melania Trump makes a rare appearance on the Republican convention’s last night appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 11:26am

Republicans wrapped a nominating convention that celebrated former President Donald Trump not just as a party leader but a living martyr who survived a would-be assassin’s bullet and is ready to work for everyday Americans after a sweeping victory in November

The post 5 takeaways from the final night of the RNC, including Trump’s speech appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 11:00am

About two-thirds of Democrats or left-leaning voters in Massachusetts want a younger candidate to take on Donald Trump.

The post Most left-leaning Mass. voters want Biden to step aside, new poll finds appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 7:01am

“There are going to be deaths because of this. It’s inevitable."

The post Widespread technology outage disrupts flights, banks, media outlets, and companies around the world appeared first on

18 Jul 2024 at 11:20pm

“I’m not supposed to be here tonight,” Trump told the packed convention hall as thousands of people listened in silence.

The post ‘I had God on my side’: Trump describes assassination attempt with personal details as he accepts Republican nomination appeared first on

18 Jul 2024 at 10:11pm

“We need to do the thing we need to do, which is build more housing in this country.”

The post Critics of Biden’s plan to cap rent hikes at 5% say what’s really needed is more housing appeared first on

18 Jul 2024 at 4:59pm

This would be Trump's third consecutive nomination for president.

The post Watch live: Donald Trump addresses Republican National Convention Thursday night appeared first on

18 Jul 2024 at 1:31pm

Biden has insisted he's not backing down, adamant he's the candidate who beat Trump before and will do it again.

The post Obama, Pelosi, and Democrats make a fresh push for Biden to reconsider 2024 race ahead of convention appeared first on

18 Jul 2024 at 10:05am

An Orthodox Jewish student from Harvard University castigated the Democratic Party he once supported as “ideologically poisoned” by “far-left antisemitic extremism.”

The post GOP puts Israel and antisemitism front and center, courting U.S. Jews appeared first on

World News: Breaking news, politics, crime, tech, and more
19 Jul 2024 at 11:37am

19 Jul 2024 at 10:23am

“It’s surreal, it really feels like we’re the only ones here.”

The post Paris police are sealing off the Seine River ahead of the Olympics opening ceremony appeared first on

19 Jul 2024 at 7:01am

“There are going to be deaths because of this. It’s inevitable."

The post Widespread technology outage disrupts flights, banks, media outlets, and companies around the world appeared first on

16 Jul 2024 at 11:41am

“I was blindsided by what was said at the show on Sunday. I would never condone hate speech or encourage political violence in any form,” Black said in a Tuesday statement on Instagram.

The post Jack Black ends Tenacious D tour after bandmate’s Trump shooting comment appeared first on

15 Jul 2024 at 2:48pm

“We are taking this step to help ensure a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for all.”

The post Delta Air Lines adopts new rules for flight attendant uniforms after Palestinian pin flap appeared first on

15 Jul 2024 at 11:53am

The pit, like the more than 200 others discovered up there, was created by the collapse of a lava tube.

The post Scientists have confirmed a cave on the moon that could be used to shelter future explorers appeared first on

13 Jul 2024 at 7:13pm

Donald Trump’s campaign says he is “fine” after being whisked off the stage at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, after what law enforcement officials are treating as an apparent assassination attempt

The post The Latest: New details emerge about Trump rally shooting suspect appeared first on

13 Jul 2024 at 12:05pm

Krejcikova won in three sets to capture her first Grand Slam title since winning the French Open in 2021.

The post Barbora Krejcikova wins Wimbledon for her second Grand Slam by beating Jasmine Paolini appeared first on

11 Jul 2024 at 8:37am

The woman was spotted by a cargo ship early Wednesday.

The post Woman swept to sea while swimming at a Japanese beach is rescued 37 hours later and 50 miles away appeared first on

9 Jul 2024 at 10:15am

Locals marched and delivered a manifesto on tourism’s cost-of-living impact, the latest backlash against a global travel surge since the end of pandemic limits.

The post Fed up with tourists, Barcelona protesters blast them with squirt guns appeared first on

7 Jul 2024 at 3:05pm

Texas officials are telling coastal residents to expect power outages and flooding as Beryl was forecast to regain hurricane strength before making landfall

The post Texas residents told to expect power outages, flooding as Beryl moves closer to landfall appeared first on

NPR Topics: World
20 Jul 2024 at 8:08am
NPR world news, international art and culture, world business and financial markets, world economy, and global trends in health, science and technology. Subscribe to the World Story of the Day podcast and RSS feed.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
A drone attack came into Israel from over the Mediterranean Sea and struck near the Tel Aviv beachfront. Separately, the U.N's highest court said Jewish settlements in the West Bank are unlawful.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
Tourism is important to the Spanish economy but critics are arguing the country is too reliant on it.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
China’s ruling Communist Party has held an important meeting in Beijing to plan China’s development and reform for the next five years.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:01am
For the last 10 weeks, a battle has raged for a small northeastern Ukrainian border town just five miles from Russia. After delays, Western military aid helped stall Russia's assault.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
Every July, campers, counselors and administrators gather on 84 acres of hilly woods in the woods of western New York state that has been home to a Ukrainian summer camp called “Novyi Sokil” since 1950.

19 Jul 2024 at 5:27pm
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the Aspen Security Forum on a wide range of the most pressing diplomatic questions.

19 Jul 2024 at 5:00pm
Wall Street Journal correspondent Evan Gershkovich was sentenced to 16 years in a Russian prison on charges of espionage. His employer and the U.S. government have said he is innocent and the trial is a sham. We hear the latest from Moscow and reaction from the U.S.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:56pm
Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich has been sentenced to 16 years for alleged espionage in a trial that his newspaper and the U.S. government calls a sham.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:44pm
Much of Israel’s commercial capital Tel Aviv has returned to business-as-usual. But this sense of normality was shattered in a deadly predawn explosion Friday that rocked the city’s oceanfront.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:23pm
Antony Blinken talks speaks on everything from the prospect of a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, to the war in Ukraine and what the U.S. is doing to bring home Americans detained in Russia.

NPR Topics: News
20 Jul 2024 at 8:06am
NPR news, audio, and podcasts. Coverage of breaking stories, national and world news, politics, business, science, technology, and extended coverage of major national and world events.

20 Jul 2024 at 8:00am
NPR's Scott Simon remembers understated comedian and actor Bob Newhart, who died this week at the age of 94.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
A drone attack came into Israel from over the Mediterranean Sea and struck near the Tel Aviv beachfront. Separately, the U.N's highest court said Jewish settlements in the West Bank are unlawful.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
The WNBA All-Star game takes place Saturday. Also, football's Kansas City Chiefs are attempting a three-peat.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
Donald Trump capped the Republican National Convention this week, while Joe Biden faced calls to exit the presidential race.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
In Las Vegas, the city's homeless residents are among the most vulnerable to illness and death from the scorching weather.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
A big protest marked the beginning of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. But by the end of the week, the mood had changed to focus on the RNC's effect on the local community.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
Tourism is important to the Spanish economy but critics are arguing the country is too reliant on it.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
China’s ruling Communist Party has held an important meeting in Beijing to plan China’s development and reform for the next five years.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
The Heritage Foundation and the Trump campaign are attempting to soothe concerns over the think tank's sweeping Project 2025 plan to overhaul the government.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
NPR's Scott Simon speaks to Maahra Hill, whose great-grandfather, DeHart Hubbard, was the first Black American to win an individual gold medal at the Olympics a century ago.

NPR Topics: National
20 Jul 2024 at 8:11am
NPR coverage of national news, U.S. politics, elections, business, arts, culture, health and science, and technology. Subscribe to the NPR Nation RSS feed.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
In Las Vegas, the city's homeless residents are among the most vulnerable to illness and death from the scorching weather.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
A big protest marked the beginning of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. But by the end of the week, the mood had changed to focus on the RNC's effect on the local community.

20 Jul 2024 at 7:57am
NPR's Scott Simon talks with Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn. He's on the House committee that will question the head of the Secret Service about the attempted assassination of former President Trump.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:01am
The FDA's proposed rule would take a large step in shedding light on the potential harm that formaldehyde can cause to the many Black women who typically use hair straightening products.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
A day-by-day and hour-by-hour look at the events surrounding the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Butler, Pa., on July 13.

20 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
Every July, campers, counselors and administrators gather on 84 acres of hilly woods in the woods of western New York state that has been home to a Ukrainian summer camp called “Novyi Sokil” since 1950.

20 Jul 2024 at 1:48am
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, helped lead federal efforts to protect women from domestic violence and recognize Juneteenth as a national holiday. She announced she had pancreatic cancer in June.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:41pm
In 2017, the Larry Nassar scandal rocked the Olympic community.

Hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse against the former USA Gymnastics doctor underscored how vulnerable athletes are — particularly when they're minors.

That year, Congress and the U.S. Olympic Committee had a solution.

The U.S. Center for SafeSport was founded to investigate and respond to allegations of sexual abuse and misconduct. The goal was for predators like Larry Nassar to never harm young athletes again.

Now, seven years later, SafeSport is facing scrutiny of its own — over whether it's made good on that promise.

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19 Jul 2024 at 3:31pm
Four days, dozens of speakers and many balloons later, the 2024 Republican National Convention is officially over.

19 Jul 2024 at 3:15pm
The extreme heat searing the U.S. this summer is having an unexpected consequence thousands of feet in the air: It's causing some beverage cans on Southwest Airlines flights to burst when opened.

NPR Topics: Your Health
20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am
News and commentary about personal health, medicine, healthcare, drugs, diet, recipes, and nutrition. Download the Your Health podcast and subscribe to our RSS feed.

19 Jul 2024 at 10:57am
Westheimer's matter-of-fact sex advice, along with her funny lively personality, made her a national media celebrity. She was born in Germany in 1928 and died July 12. Originally broadcast in 1996.

19 Jul 2024 at 9:41am
Between 3 a.m. feedings and hormonal changes, it can be hard for couples to get in the mood after baby arrives. But that doesn't mean you can't show love and desire in other creative, playful ways.

17 Jul 2024 at 7:14am
Guidelines for when women should start getting mammograms have been changing. A new study makes the case for explaining to women the risks and benefits of screening for breast cancer.

12 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
Tweens are now major consumers of skin care products, fueled by social media. But dermatologists are seeing kids with rashes caused by products not meant for young skin. What should tweens be using?

5 Jul 2024 at 3:00am
When's the last time you were in a place that was quiet — really quiet? No roadway noise, construction work or even the hum of a refrigerator. Our world is full of sounds, some of which are harming our health. The World Health Organization says "noise is an underestimated threat." Today, host Emily Kwong talks to health reporter Joanne Silberner about those health costs, what is too loud and some of the history of legislation to limit noise pollution in the United States.

Read Joanne's full article in Undark Magazine here.

Curious about other health stories? Email us at

2 Jul 2024 at 11:49pm
The approval of Eli Lilly's Kisunla provides a new option for patients in the early stages of the incurable, memory-destroying ailment.

1 Jul 2024 at 3:40pm
From abortion restrictions in Kansas to the removal of so-called junk fees in California, here are some laws taking effect today in states.

1 Jul 2024 at 9:00am
Noise from roads, airports and equipment like leaf blowers has been linked with serious health impacts. Decades ago, the U.S. government passed a law limiting it, but it has no teeth.

29 Jun 2024 at 7:00am
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns of an increased risk of dengue infections in the U.S. this summer. The mosquito-borne virus is surging, and human travel is expanding its reach.

26 Jun 2024 at 6:03am
After a while, even the most exciting relationships, jobs and environments lose their spark. But cognitive neuroscientist Tali Sharot says it's possible to fall back in love with life's small joys.

NPR Programs: Morning Edition
20 Jul 2024 at 8:08am
Morning Edition takes listeners around the country and the world with multi-faceted stories and commentaries every weekday. Hosts Steve Inskeep, Leila Fadel, Michel Martin and A Martínez bring you the latest breaking news and features to prepare you for the day.

19 Jul 2024 at 7:15am
The Biden campaign says the president is staying in the race for the White House, but as he isolates with COVID in Delaware, top Democrats are sharing concerns with him that he can't beat Trump.

19 Jul 2024 at 7:11am
NPR's Michel Martin talks to Republican strategist Ron Bonjean about former President Donald Trump's speech at the 2024 Republican National Convention.

19 Jul 2024 at 5:48am
A global computer glitch apparently triggered by software distributed by cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike caused widespread global outages late Thursday and into Friday morning.

19 Jul 2024 at 5:05am
In this week's StoryCorps, we hear about a pioneer who helped women's judo become an Olympic sport.

19 Jul 2024 at 5:00am
Psychologists say it's normal to feel stress and negative emotions in times of uncertainty. There are also things you can do to take care of yourself.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:46am
As Major League Baseball heads into the second half of its season, Pop Culture Happy Hour's Linda Holmes marvels at just how routinely pleasing and comforting it is to watch a game.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:44am
Fifty Black sailors were convicted of mutiny after a massive Naval disaster during World War II. This week the Navy finally cleared their names.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:43am
NPR's Michel Martin asks Democratic political analyst Bakari Sellers if it's inevitable that Joe Biden will withdraw from the presidential race.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:40am
Federal investigators are piecing together what led the gunman to try to kill former President Trump. There’s also a push to get to the bottom of how this massive security failure was able to happen.

19 Jul 2024 at 4:39am
The Republican National Convention wrapped up with a 90-minute nomination acceptance speech from former President Donald Trump, in which he recalled how he was wounded by gunfire on Saturday.

NPR Topics: Strange News
20 Jul 2024 at 8:12am
Unlikely stories from around the nation and the world.

17 Jul 2024 at 4:57pm
Apex the Stegosaurus was sold for $44.6 million at auction Wednesday, breaking the record for most expensive dinosaur fossil.

13 Jul 2024 at 8:08am
San Francisco's latest crime-fighting duo doesn't wear capes. Nor anything at all.

11 Jul 2024 at 3:58pm
The appearance of hundreds of whales was amazing, rower Tom Waddington said. But when one slammed into his boat, "suddenly it turned from David Attenborough into Moby Dick. And I was really scared."

29 Jun 2024 at 6:01am
If humanoid robots make you a bit queasy — would it help if they had fleshy faces that can smile at you?

26 Jun 2024 at 5:01am
Metallic prisms have been appearing across the world since one was found in Utah in 2020, but in many cases it’s still unclear who created them and why.

22 Jun 2024 at 5:37pm
NPR's Adrian Florido speaks with LA Times reporter Daniel Miller about a recent spate of Lego thefts in the greater Los Angeles area.

14 Jun 2024 at 4:11pm
A new building in Japan obstructed views of Mt. Fuji. The neighbors were not happy.

6 Jun 2024 at 3:57pm
A couple from New York recently caught a safe full of $100 bills while magnet fishing.

2 Jun 2024 at 8:09am
Ouch! She did it again! North Carolinian Abby Lampe won the women's race at the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake in Gloucester, England, her second title. She talks with NPR's Ayesha Rascoe about her winning technique.

27 May 2024 at 5:04pm
The "Merlympics" are, of course, the Mermaid Olympics, in which swimmers wearing mermaid tails compete in order to bring attention to water and marine conservation issues. A desert mermaid from Utah is all about saving water.